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Major News and Events of 05 November 2013

What Happened on 05 November 2013

Five policemen killed in militant attack in Meghalaya


15-20 men belonging to Garo National Liberation Army attacked a police team in Banjakona 400 km from Shillong. In the ambush 5 policemen were killed. The militants also snatched 2 AK47 and carbine. The police was taking prisoners from Turnto Garo Hills when this incident happened. The GNLA is yet to claim responsibility of the attack, but the police is sure they are behind this attack. The intelligence reports said that GNLA was planning an attack after its chief's house was raided. GNLA was founded by R. Sangma who was the former deputy superintendent of Meghalaya police. He left his job after alleged harassment by his seniors and formed GNLA in 2009.

British PM says 3,000 pound scrapped visa scheme not aimed at India


British Prime Minister David Cameron has stated that the 3,000-pound visa bond scheme which has been done away now was not formulated keeping India in mind. India expressed its happiness that the scheme is scrapped now and the British government took into consideration its concerns. The British PM said this idea emerged by the government and then they took the decision to not proceed further with it. The scheme was to restrict visitors from few "high-risk" countries - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Ghana. The people travelling from these places would have to shell 3,000 pounds deposit for a 6 month’s visa. On Sunday it was scrapped. India conveyed its concern to Britain and this was also part of the discussion in the India-Britain Comprehensive Dialogue on visa related issues in July in London.

Sachin mania grips Kolkata


Preparation is on in a big way for Sachin Tendulkar's second last match at the Eden Gardens. A 10 gm gold coin with Sachin's face embossed the head side will be used in the match for the toss and would be later on be handed to the legend. The match is expected to have a 65,000 audience. The test match with West Indies has been in fact overshadowed by the mania which has gripped the city. The spectators are also eager to see Sachin score a century which has eluded him for 39 innings. The newly laid wicket in the Eden Gardens can behave in its own way as no match has been played on it.

Rs 3,000 crore pledge for educational development by HCL chairman


Shiv Nadar, HCL’s founder and chairman has pledged for Rs. 3,000 crore for the development of education institutions in the coming five years. This would be done by the foundation operated by him and the investment will be for the present as well as new institutes. The foundation established in 1994, has till March 2013 made an investment of Rs. 1,800 crore for various educational developments. In 20 years the foundation has done for the development of 15,000 students and has created 2000 first generation learners.

The foundation has taken up many initiatives that include SSN Institutions in Tamil Nadu, VidyaGyan schools in Uttar Pradesh and Shiv Nadar University, as well as Greater Noida’s international multi-disciplinary university.

Mars mission launched successfully


India today launched the Mars mission in a copybook style at 2:38 pm. The 400 million long journey to Mars is for the search of methane and minerals. The Rs 450 crore project undertaken by India is 4th in the world and the first one by an Asian country. Earlier the US, Russia and the European Space Agency (ESA) have taken up the mission. The rocket which is PSLV C-25 has on board the Mars orbiter which weighs 1340 kg and costed Rs 150 crore. The orbiter was released after the rocket was 44 minutes in the orbit. This mission was completed in just 15 months. The PSLV rocket has embarked on 25th mission as of now. The spacecraft will reach the Martian atmosphere in September 2014. 

Krrish 3 reaches 100 crore mark, creates record


Krrish 3 touched 100 crore mark on Monday. The earnings were Rs 108.61 crore. It also created a record of highest earning on a single day. On Monday the earnings were Rs 35.91 crore. The movie was released on November 1 two days prior to Diwali and hit 3500 screens in India. The movie's budget was Rs 100-150 crore. The earnings on the 1st day was Rs 25 crore, 2nd day Rs 23.20 crore and Rs 24.30 crore on the third day. This is the third in the Krrish series movie and has Vivek Oberoi playing a dark character which has been well appreciated by all.

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