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Major News and Events of 06 July 2016

What Happened on 06 July 2016

Zakir Nayek's Hate Speech: Government may Take Action

The Indian government has hinted on taking action against the much controversial Islamic orator, Zakir Nayek for his hate speech. While delivering his lecture on Peace TV, an international Islamic channel, Nayek urged all Muslims to join terrorism. However, the action has not been disclosed yet. He is known for demeaning other religions.

PM Narendra Modi Adds 19 New Ministers to Government

On Tuesday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi finally declared all the nineteen new ministers who have been added to the government. Senior ministers Arun Jaitley, Rajnath Singh, Sushma Swaraj and Manohar Parrikar are holding the same posts. Smriti Irani has been shifted to Textiles ministry. Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar has been given a higher pot in the cabinet rank.