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Major News and Events of 07 September 2014

What Happened on 07 September 2014

Central Government awaits State government's nod to implement Sambhar solar UMPP in Rajasthan

The Central Government has given a nod but waiting for the state government clearance to implement the planned ultra mega solar power project (UMPP) in Sambhar, Rajasthan. As per media report the Central Government is even ready to set up the plant at different location if the state government provides the land. The 4,000 MW project in Sambhar was announced by the previous UPA government last year. The State government raised the issue of the project's impact on environment because of its location next to the lake that is a prime site for migratory birds. The State that is capable of fulfilling the round-the-clock electricity need is also facing acute power theft.

Badal wants centre to reassess method to fix minimum support price

Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal requested the central government to reassess the procedure of finalizing the minimum support price (MSP) for crops. It must be made more lucrative and also enhance the viability of farming. For fixing MSP, government should take into account the managerial input of the farmer along with paid-out costs and input costs. He added that Punjab farmers must be compensated well for managing their farms competently and fulfilling the food and grain needs of the nation.

Prime Minister to visit J&K

Flood in Jammu and Kashmir which is the worst in the past 60 years have killed 107 people and affected 2500 villages. Apart from this, building, infrastructure, roads, bridges have been extensively damaged by the floods and torrential rain in the state. As per media report Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit the state Sunday who was briefed about the situation by the Home Minister Rajnath Singh. Weather department has forecast that weather will improve from Sunday and but if the worst is over cannot be said with surety.

Khalsa Warriors defeats Punjab Thunder in Kabaddi League

Khalsa Warriors defeated Punjab Thunder in Wave World Kabaddi League's (WKL) first match in Punjab by 59-57. This is the fifth successive win of Khalsa Warriors. Jasmanpreet Singh's final raid helped the team to win. Punjab Thunder presented a great show by giving the the closest match of the Wave WKL at the Hockey Ground in the Punjab Agricultural University. The match was watched by more than 8,000 audience. Gurpreet Singh Gopi of the Khalsa Warriors was the best stopper with seven stops.

RAPS-5's continuous 765 days performance makes its number 2 globally

RAPS-5 unit of the Rawatbhata Rajasthan Atomic Power Station with 765 days safe reactor operations has achieved the second best position globally. As per official report RAPS-5 started performing on Aug 2, 2012 and since then it has been operating at full power. Designed in India, RAPS-5 is a Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor and uses natural uranium as a fuel. Near about 50 percent of the power generated by the plant is supplied to Rajasthan.

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