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Major News and Events of 08 February 2017

What Happened on 08 February 2017

Tamil Nadu: Sasikala Casts Panneerselvam as a Traitor

After taking stand against party general secretary VK Sasikala and claiming that he was forced to resign from his position of Tamil Nadu chief Minister, O Panneerselvam has been casted as a traitor by Sasikala. She mentioned on Wednesday that traitors have never won and will never achieve their goal. She also mentioned that she will put a stop to all the wrongdoings of Panneerselvam.

Talking about the party, she said that AIADMK will not be divided as the workers aim for the welfare of the party.

Kailash Satyarthi: Indian Activist's Nobel Medal Stolen from Home

As per reports, a replica of the Nobel medal that Indian activist Kailash Satyarthi received in 2014 for his work on combatting child labour as well as child trafficking in India, was stolen from his Delhi home.

The burglary reportedly took place on Tuesday morning and Mr Satyarthi said his Nobel certificate was also missing.

According to Mr Satyarthi, there was no one present at home when the burglary happened.