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Major News and Events of 08 May 2014

What Happened on 08 May 2014

BJP protests against EC's ban on Modi's rally in Varanasi

BJP workers protested against the EC’s ban on Modi to conduct a rally in Varanasi. The protests were held outside the Banaras Hindu University and DM’s office. Senior BJP leaders also participated in the protest at BHU, as per media reports. Though, EC gave a nod later in the day for two rallies, out of which BJP cancelled one, due to a time crunch for the preparation of the event. Modi termed the poll panel as biased.

India rejects WHO data stating Delhi as the dirtiest city in the world

India has dismissed WHO data which ranks Delhi as the dirtiest city in the world, based on its study done on 1,600 cities in the world. According to media reports, India has rejected the report and stated it to be misleading and biased. India will be testing the sample data procured from WHO to get a conclusive result.

Re-poll request by BJP in 8 booths of Amethi

BJP contestant from Amethi, Smriti Irani is seeking for a re-poll in eight booths, at Amethi. A formal complaint would be sent to the EC, as per media reports. Smriti Irani has complained that there was bogus voting, as well as intimidation of the voters by the Congress workers. In the triangular contest in Amethi, Rahul Gandhi of Congress is pitted against Smriti Irani of BJP, and Kumar Vishwas of AAP.

Why politicise Ganga Aarti? - Kejriwal to Modi

The AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal accused Narendra Modi of politicising the Ganga Aarti. As per media reports, Kejriwal also stated that one does not need a permission from the EC for participating in a religious ritual. A permission is required, only when a political activity involving flashing of banners and flags is included in the event.

Rupee touches 59.94, highest in a month

The rupee touched 59.94 against the dollar for the first time in this month, and edged past the 60 barrier, as per media reports. This was initiated when the exporters were selling dollars. Thus, the rupee was stronger by 19p against its yesterday's closing. Since 9 April, this is the highest value scored by the rupee.

PM to address the country before he leaves office

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will be addressing the nation before he leaves the office on 17 May, a day after the results of the 2014 General Elections. As per media reports, he will address the nation for the last time as the head of the coalition government, which was in power for 10 years. On 3 January 2014, the PM had addressed a press conference, which was only the third time in the 10 years of his tenure.

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