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Major News and Events of 08 September 2013

What Happened on 08 September 2013

Crucial BJP-RSS meet to be held, all eyes on Modi PM Decision


The “Samanvay Baithak meeting” of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders will begin today in the midst of assumptions that BJP’s Narendra Modi will  probably be declared as the PM candidate for the 2014 General Elections. Senior BJP leaders and opposition leaders will be attending the meet. Modi, who is measured as BJP's face for the upcoming General Elections, had said earlier this month that his most important priority is to serve the citizens of Gujarat till the year 2017. BJP so far has not officially endorsed their PM candidature for the 2014 elections.

Muzaffarnagar communal clashes: Death toll rises to 12


The Army was deployed in Muzaffarnagar, U.P. today as death toll in the communal clashes between two communities increased to 12. Reports say that around 40 people were also injured in the clashes. The death toll is expected to increase as some people are still missing and police is still searching for them. As per reports, 30 people have been arrested so far. Curfew has been declared in several areas where Army has been deployed. The personnel of the Provincial Armed Constabulary, Rapid Action Force and police have also been deployed in different areas and districts. CM Akhilesh Yadav called the incidents unfortunate and said that strict action will be taken against the guilty.

Rolls Royce inaugurates its 4th showroom in Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Rolls Royce India opened its 4th showroom in India at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The Rolls Royce showroom was inaugurated by Herfried Hasenoehrl, GM, Emerging Markets Asia and Sharad Kachalia, Director of Sales and Marketing, Rolls Royce Mumbai and now Ahmedabad too. The new showroom will be directed and administered by Navnit Motors, who initially opened the 1st Rolls Royce showroom in Mumbai in 2005. Furthermore, Rolls Royce India is also going to launch its 5th showroom in India, which will be at Chandigarh. It is scheduled to be open in October 2013.

Government to unveil new measures to restrain inessential imports


According to Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, in the next few days and coming weeks, the Indian Government will announce several new measures to restrain non essential imports so as to strengthen the rupee and control inflation. Duty free import of flat screen televisions has already been banned from August 26th by the Government, toting up to measures intended to prop up the rupee. Chidambaram hoped that these measures taken will have an advantageous impact on inflation. He also said that no decision has been taken for now to increase fuel prices.

Delhi boys, Chhattisgarh girls in junior national basketball final


As the 64th Junior National Basketball Championship in going on in the country, the team of Delhi boys defeated Tamil Nadu in the semifinal round and advances into the finals. Previously, the girls of Chhattisgarh defeated the hopes of Tamil Nadu girls and pulled off a victory, also advancing into the finals. Chhattisgarh is looking forward to repeat the same in the finals, where the girls of Chhattisgarh will face the girls of Kerala, who defeated Maharashtra to get the final spot in the championship.

The film that I will be directing is not a Bollywood film: Kangana


Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut plans to direct a film which will be for both international and Indian audience. However, the actress says that she is in no hurry to direct it, as she does not want to direct the film, just for the heck of it. Previously, the actress had directed a short film in the US, in collaboration with an Australian writer. Kangana said that for her new project as a director, she would have to leave the country for a year and currently, as she does not have so many films, she thinks it is the right time.

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