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Major News and Events of 10 August 2016

What Happened on 10 August 2016

AAA Lawmaker Accused of Hiding Assets Worth 130 Crores

According to Income Tax officials, an Aam Aadmi Party lawmaker hailing from Delhi has reportedly been found accused of allegedly hiding his assets worth 130 crores. The AAP legislator named Kartar Singh, aged 54, is a property dealer who represents the Mehrauli constituency of South Delhi. In July, the income tax officials had raided his homes and offices and uncovered documents that indicate that the AAP leader owns large farmhouses and proxy-owned properties via his associates.

Rajasthan Rains Leave 7 Dead

Rain-related incidents have led to death of seven persons in Rajasthan. Heavy showers have affected the lives in Bhilwara, Pali and Chittorgarh districts with Army been deployed to undertake relief and rescue work. Among the killed, six were children, aged 8 to 12 years. They were grazing cattle and indulged in playing near a pit that had been filled with rainwater. In a different incident, a 25-year-old man was swept away by water on the bank of a river situated in the Pali district.

Maharashtra Govt. Eyeing the Deployment of Drones to Monitor Traffic

The Maharashtra government is planning to deploy drones in order to monitor, identify and control vehicles which are breaking the traffic rules. According to Minister of State for Home(Urban) Deepak Kesarkar, the drones would be placed on a pilot basis on the Mumbai-Pune expressway, which has actually become a “death trap” with a massive number of road casualties reported from the site in the last few months.

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