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Major News and Events of 10 December 2013

What Happened on 10 December 2013

Red Beacon Lights to be used only by eminent dignitaries


The Supreme Court has stated that the red beacon lights without flash can be used only on the vehicles of eminent constitutional dignitaries and police and emergency services will be using blue beacon lights. The Supreme Court bench led by Justice G.S. Singhvi specified that the sirens can be utilized on the emergency and police vehicles without any harsh sound. The state and the union government will be issuing the curtailed list of the functionaries for red beacon lights in three months period. Court has also clarified that anyone who has violated the directions would be subject to exemplary penalty. The Motor Vehicle Act provisions will be implemented by the police without any hindrance.

No headway yet, who will form government in Delhi

Delhi elections did create the drama which everyone watched with bated breath and as much as the results excited people now what is keeping everyone on the tenterhooks is the fact that the stalemate continues as none of the parties is willing to form a government here. 36 seats are needed to form the government and BJP has got only 32 seats falling 4 short of the requisite numbers. BJP wants to take a moral stand given the fact that the 2014 elections are in the offing, and has said when the people have given the mandate and it is this where they have not got the required majority they will not form the government and would like to sit in the opposition. Similarly AAP does not want to go into alliance with either the BJP or the Congress and would like to sit in the opposition. If this continues then the Lt. Governor will have to send notification to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the President will be asked in this case. President’s rule can be there for six months if it is imposed and Delhi would go into elections again along with the Lok Sabha Elections. On the other hand the Delhi Congress unit has said they will approach the Congress high command regarding supporting AAP from outside whereas the BJP has said there will be fresh elections.

13.27% increase in railway revenue in April-November

Indian Railways total earnings during April-November 2013 were Rs.89,339.64 crore on an approximate basis in comparison to Rs.78,871.47 crore in the similar period last year. That means there was a growth of 13.27%. The earnings have climbed up from Rs.54,482.80 crore in the period from April 1 to Nov 30, 2012, to Rs.60,150.41 crore in similar period this year. Thus there was a growth of 10.40%. The passenger revenue earnings from April-November 2013 were Rs.24,523.69 crore in comparison to Rs.20,423.28 crore in the same period last year and thus there was a rise of 20.08%. Earnings from other coaching was Rs.2,515.81 crore in the period from April 1-Nov 30, 2013 It was Rs.2,061.53 crore last year and a rise of 22.04% was recorded. 5632.38 million passengers did booking this year compared to 5,695.10 million last year and there was a dip of 0.57%. There was an increase of 2.33% in suburban passenger booking which stood at 3,027.88 million this year compared to 2,958.80 million last year and non-suburban sector booking showed a decline by 3.72% and was 2,634.50 million in comparison to 2,736.30 million last year.

Fertilizer Industry faces liquidity crisis


The fertilizer industry is at the face of a severe liquidity issue and has urged for urgent allocation of Rs 40000 crore so as to clear the dues for the current fiscal. The government is yet to do payment to fertiliser companies since August this was informed by the Fertiliser Association of India. The budgetary provision this year was Rs.65,971.50 crore for fertilizer compared to Rs.65,974 crore fertiliser subsidy provided in 2012-13. This year’s requirement will be Rs.1.07 lakh crore that includes the arrears of Rs.32,000 crore of last year. A realistic estimate should be done in the estimation of the subsidy in the budget for 2014-15 as there is a backlog carried forward from 2013-14.

Star India is the Official Team Sponsor of Indian cricket team

Star India Pvt. Ltd. has got the team sponsorship rights of the Indian team for three years. Previously Sahara's bid was termed ineligible by the BCCI in Chennai. The period during which Star India will be having the rights is from 1st January 2014 to 31st March 2017. This was informed by the BCCI Secretary Sanjay Patel. Star will be the 'Official Team Sponsor' and the company’s logo will be visible on the team clothing of the Sr. Men's Cricket Team, the Men's A-Team, the U-19 Men's Cricket Team and the Women's Team. Sahara had withdrawn the deal some months back after there was a dispute with the BCCI and the team would not have had any sponsor after this month. No specific amount has been specified by the BCCI but Star will be giving Rs.1.92 crore per match as per the sources. Sahar had though blamed that the bidding was processed and its bid was not ineligible. As per reports Sahara would have shelled Rs.2.35 crore per BCCI match and Rs.91 lakh for ICC game and their total amount was Rs.252 crore in comparison to Rs.203 crore bid by Star. Star will also have the holding rights of internet, broadband and mobile in India till March 2018.

Most talked about entity on Facebook is Modi

Narendra Modi’s popularity graph seems to be increasing also on the digital world. The prime ministerial candidate for BJP has gone ahead of cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar and now holds the coveted position of the most talked about person on Facebook in India. He not only beat Tendulkar but also edged past iPhone 5s, Raghuram Rajan the RBI Governor and MOM the Mars mission as per Facebook. In India Facebook had 82 million active users (monthly) as per data taken on June 31, 2013. In places Sukhdev Dabha at Murthal (Haryana) has gathered lot of buzz followed by Golden Temple in Amritsar, Bangla Sahib Gurudwara and India Gate in Delhi. In fact these days when the politician’s popularity is gauged by the number of followers they have on Facebook there also have been talks that fake profiles were being created to increase the followers.Following are the most talked about entities on Facebook

  • Narendra Modi
  • Sachin Tendulkar
  • iPhone 5
  • Sukhdev dhaba, Murthal
  • Golden Temple
  • Bangla Sahib Gurudwara
  • Prasads IMAX in Hyderabad
  • India Gate
  • Marine Drive
  • Taj Mahal
  • Starbucks Coffee at Connaught Place,
  • PVR in New Delhi
  • MBD Neopolis at Jalandhar

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