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Major News and Events of 10 October 2012

What Happened on 10 October 2012

Haryana's stand on land sale questioned by Kejriwal – IAC leader attacked by Congress

Arvind Kejriwal has questioned the stance taken by the Haryana government regarding a plot of 30 acres sold by a hospitality organization to DLF and stated that the land should have been kept aside for the hospital that was supposed to be erected over there. His accusations have drawn the ire of Congress which says the activist is speaking sans evidence. The IAC leader has also questioned the state government’s integrity for the decision. He has also brought out several documents that supposedly state the business connection between DLF and Haryana government.

He also added that the Haryana government had received a notice from the Punjab and Haryana High Court for the said decision. The Haryana government has stated that the land was the property of East India Hotels and got sold to DLF in 2005. The deal was annulled by the high court during February 2011 and the matter is presently being contested at the Supreme Court.

India's image being harmed by consistent negativity over corruption says Manmohan Singh

Manmohan Singh has indirectly criticized the anti corruption movements going on India by saying senseless negativity surrounding corruption has a negative image on the way India is perceived. He opines that such thought processes only make the situation worse and has promised that corporate failure in bribery prevention will be included in the presently operating anti corruption laws. He has also reiterated the government’s commitment in making sure the public authorities operate in a clear and accountable manner. The PM feels from his experience that the major issues of corruption take place with the commercial organizations. He has said in punishing the corrupt the honest officers should be left alone and also asked for a clear distinction between mistakes and acts of crime and abuse of authority. The PM also stated that the investigators should be aware of various important aspects of economic policies in order to function efficiently. The government at the moment is taking several steps to create a proper legal structure to protect the honest officers and also define corruption clearly apart from making sure individual beneficiaries of social welfare programs are properly benefited. He has opined that one of the major challenges for the anti corruption agencies will be to match up with the economic developments in India and update themselves well enough to keep track of new types of corruption.

Mumbai leads in cable TV digitization while Delhi takes third place

The government has stated that it has been able to digitize 77% of the cable television operating in the four metros of India and Mumbai leads the pack. The government has set the deadline of October 31 for digitizing the cable television operating in the 4 metros – for the remainder of the country the deadline is December 2014.

Mumbai has achieved a success rate of 99% while Delhi has the 3rd position with 66%. Kolkata occupies the second spot with 73% and Chennai is the last with 59%. As per data from the Multi System Operators 1,588,000 set top boxes have been installed in Delhi.

New packages launched in the 4 metros by Dish TV

Dish TV has come out with a new package for its fresh subscribers in the four metros of India. As per the new plan, the subscribers will have to shell out INR 400 per year for watching in excess of 70 channels and this offer has been made as part of the company’s strategy. The executive vice president of the marketing division of Dish TV, Anjali M Nanda has stated that they are providing free to air channels for free. The minimum recharge amount is being used so that enough users are there on the network.

In the new plan the customers will need to recharge with INR 200 after every 6 months. It is expected that by October 31, approximately 70 lakh customers will be switching over to digital cable from the previous analog version. Nanda says that 50% of the amount is expected to use Direct to Home facilities and 30% of this group can be expected to use Dish TV. The company has put in approximately INR 25 crore for below and above the line operations.

Under 14 SAARC Football: India triumph over Afghanistan

India got off the winning note in their very first match of the U-14 SAARC Football Tournament by defeating Afghanistan 2-1. The encounter was held at the Tokinosumika Sports Centre, at Shizuka, Japan. Both the goals were netted in by forward Krishna Pandit in the first half of the game. The first strike came 30 seconds after kick off and is the quickest goal in the event till now.

The pass for both the goals came from Amey Ranawade who defended well with Amit Tudu and Jerry when Afghanistan attacked. The Afghan goal came at the injury time. The match was played in two halves of 25 minutes. While India’s chief coach Sajid Dar was appreciative of the exposure gained, the assistant coach Goutam Ghosh praised the Indians for adhering to the fundamentals and executing their strategies properly.

Jalpari awarded at Cannes

‘Jalpari: The Desert Mermaid’ directed by Nila Madhab Panda has landed the MIP Junior Kids Jury Awards 2012 at the Cannes film festival. It is the first ever Hindi film to have won the award. The film is based on the topic of female feticide and has Krishang Trivedi and Lehar Khan, prominent child actors. Harsh Mayar, who has starred in ‘I Am Kalam’ also, stars in the film.

The movie also has Rahul Singh, VM Badola, and Suhasini Mulay. The film was contesting with Chilli Girl from Columbia, One and a Half Heroes from China, and Monster Mountain from China as well in the category.

GM crops will be required for ensuring food security says SAC

The Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) to the Prime Minister opines that in order to maintain proper levels of nutrition and food security it is necessary to have a proper combination of new technologies such as the GM crops and conventional agriculture. The members of the council have expressed apprehension that in the debates over bio-technologies being used in agriculture the approach being taken is not an informed and evidence based one.

The members have welcomed the approach being taken towards genetically modified food crops but opine that in order to ensure effective usage of GM technologies local entities like the public sector, Indian organizations, and universities need to be properly empowered. They have stated that the present debate on GM crops is not motivating and ignoring scientists who have set up their skills with lot of investment and efforts.

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