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Major News and Events of 11 April 2014

What Happened on 11 April 2014

Congress files complaint against Modi with EC

The Congress has registered a complaint with the Election Commission regarding Narendra Modi keeping his marital status under wraps in the affidavits which he submitted in the previous polls. Kapil Sibal stated that a petition has been filed to the Election Commission. He said if Modi has stated in his affidavit now when he filed the nomination paper at Vadodara that he is married it entails to the fact that his earlier affidavits were wrong. Action has been demanded from the EC in this matter as under IPC this may be a punishable offence. In the affidavit, Modi had written his wife’s name as Jashodaben when he filed the nomination papers in Vadodara. Modi has been quiet on this matter.

Reference: IANS

Delhi breaks three decades record in voting

The Election Commission has informed that record voting which broke the records of past three decades was observed in Delhi. As many as 8.2 million cast their vote yesterday. Voters turnout was 65.05%, and Chandni Chowk recorded the highest that of 67.13% among the constituencies. The record was broken for both parliamentary and assembly elections when 8265000 voters exercised their voting rights. In 2009 Chandni Chowk had registered only 55.21%.

  • East Delhi-65.59% voting as against 53.44% in 2009
  • Northeast Delhi- 63.08%, in 2009 it was 52.39%
  • New Delhi- 65.03% in comparison to 55.83%
  • Northwest Delhi-61.38%, whereas in 2009 it was 47.44%
  • West Delhi- 66.03% in 2014, 52.47 in 2009
  • South Delhi-62.98% was recorded

Reference: IANS

Mulayam's remark trigger controversy, Azmi's comment add to the fire

Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav remark on death penalty as a punishment to rapists being not right has sparked a major controversy. Mulayam had stated in an election rally in Moradabad that boys commit mistakes but punishing them like this was not right and that when he will come to power he would look into this law. A close associate of BSP chief, Mayawati, Satish Chandra Mishra has commented that this would act as a support to the criminals and the rapists. He also stated that this was quite shocking from a person who has held the post of a chief minister thrice and was union defence minister as well. He added that Mulayam should apologize. Smriti Irani from BJP stated that such people should not be elected to the parliament. Shaishta Ambar of the All-India Women Muslim Law Board specified that he should be confronted over this issue and criticized.

To add fuel to the fire Abu Azmi of SP has gone ahead and stated that women who have sex outside marriage and even those who are raped should be hanged. It seems SP is staying in news for all the wrong reasons, whether that is unintentional or deliberate only time can tell.

Reference: IANS

103311 vehicles to be recalled by Maruti

Maruti Suzuki has informed it will be recalling 103311 vehicles, which includes brands like Swift hatchback , DZire sedan and the Ertiga MUV so that a faulty 'fuel filler neck' which may leak can be replaced. In the process 47237 units of Swift, 42481 units of DZire and 13593 units of Ertiga that were made in the period between November 12, 2013 and February 4, 2014 will be recalled. The fault may lead to fuel smell and even leakage if the tank is filled till the fuel cap above the 'auto cutoff level'. The fuel filler neck will be replaced without any cost and Maruti will get in touch with the dealers for the said vehicles. This fault emerged when the regular quality test was being done.

Reference: IANS

Trade deficit increases in March, in 2013-14 stays less than previous fiscal

The country’s trade deficit increased from $8.13 billion recorded in February to $10.50 billion in March. This was because exports percentage decreased by 3.15% to $29.57 billion in March whereas it was $30.54 billion in March 2013. At the same time there was a drop in imports by 2.11% and it stood at $40.08 billion in March. With this the trade deficit was $10.50 billion. In the last fiscal exports stayed at $312.35 billion with an increase of 3.98% from the previous fiscal’s that is 2012-2013 figure at $300.40 billion. Imports remained at $450.94 billion, 8.11% less from $490.73 billion registered in the previous year. Even though trade deficit was higher in March, in the entire year it was less than what was recorded in 2012-2013. It dipped to $138.59 billion from $190.33 billion.

Reference: IANS

Kudankulam atomic power plant will now begin commercial operation in May instead of April

Kudankulam atomic power plant will launch its commercial operation in May as informed by Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. (NPCIL). The project was 99.85% completed as of March 2014. This is a 1000 MW unit and the 2nd unit of the same capacity will begin operation in December 2014. This project is at completion stage of 97.03%. Earlier it was stated that the 1st unit will start operation in April. The two Russian reactors are being set up by NPCIL at a cost of Rs.17,000 crore. The 1st unit reached the criticality stage in July 2013. In Agust 2013 it received the approval for generation of 50% or 500 MW by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB). Later on the nod was given for generation of 75% of the capacity.

Reference: IANS

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