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Major News and Events of 14 June 2014

What Happened on 14 June 2014

A 47-day ban on trawling in Kerala is likely to increase fish price

Fish prices are expected to go up because of a 47-day ban on trawling along the Kerala coast. A ban has been put to have a normal spawning period and a regular annual practice since 1988. As per media reports, the cost of the Mahaseer fish will be Rs 1,000 per Kg, whereas that of smaller fish like Tuna, Sardines and Mackerel is likely to go up by 30% to50%. Fishermen fishing on canoes are spared from the ban. Government will provide free ration to all the people working on merchandise boats, peeling sheds and harbours.

Water level in Beas River minimised to find bodies of remaining students and tour operator

For the first time the water level in the Beas River was reduced this Saturday, to find the missing bodies of the 16 remaining students and their tour operator, who were washed away with a strong water current last week. More than 550 rescue workers, 50 divers of the NDRF, the Army, the Navy and the ITBP became part of this massive rescue operation. Apart from this, 15 divers from Hyderabad have also come to join the rescue task. For almost two hours, the water level was kept low in the three-km river stretch near the spot where the accident took place. But rescuers have not found any body.

Tough financial decisions are the need of the day - Modi

To bring the country back on track, tough and bitter financial decisions have to be taken, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing a meeting of party workers in Goa. He compared this with bitter medicine given by a mother to her unwell child. This is in contrast to BJP’s slogan "Achche din aane wale hain" (Good days are about to come) but the need of the day. He said that virtually for the past ten years there have been no governance, but his interactions with bureaucrats so far have shown positive energy and enterprise. They have to be incentivized and set free to work.

The AFSPA, anti-terror law to remain in place for six more months in Tripura

The AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958) has been extended for another six months in Tripura. It is the anti-terrorism law which gives complete power to the armed forces for taking any measures to control terror. The state government’s civil and top security officials have taken the decision after assessing the present law and order in the state. Periodic assessment was done by Chief Secretary S K Panda, who led a state-level coordination committee (SLCC) on security affairs, as per media reports. National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) and the All Tripura Tiger Force (ATTF) are the two separatist outfits that operate in the state, and get training and shelter in Bangladesh.

Arvinder Singh Lovely and other Congress members detained for protesting

A group consisting of nearly 200 party members, led by the Congress' Delhi Chief Arvinder Singh Lovely was detained while protesting against power cuts and water shortage in the capital. They were staging a demonstration at the Nangloi area in West Delhi. They went to the National Highway 10 to protest, but before they could interrupt traffic, the police used water cannons to scatter the mob. Delhi Police and railway police personnel also detained some of the workers going towards the nearby railway track with an objective to stop the train. Congress leader A K Walia said that such protests will keep happening in the capital, as per media reports.

INS Vikramaditya is now part of Indian Navy

The largest and most dominant aircraft carrier has been introduced into the Indian Navy today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi called it the most important day for our nation. A tweet from the Prime Minister’s Office emphasised on the importance of addition of the latest technology in the Indian Navy. He also said that our nation should manufacture its own defence equipments, and also export  to other nations. A K Antony as the Defence Minister had commissioned the INS last November, at the Sevmash shipyard in Russia. INS Vikramaditya has been procured from Russia and weighs 44,500 tonne. It signifies the power of India’s military reach.

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