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Major News and Events of 14 March 2014

What Happened on 14 March 2014

3 get imprisonment, 6 acquitted in Kandhamal nun gangrape case


Three persons were convicted and six were acquitted by a district court in Cuttack in the gangrape case of nun in Kandhamal in 2008. The main accused Mitu Patnaik has been awarded to 11 years of jail term and the other two convicts were given 2 years of imprisonment. The gangrape happened on August 25, 2008 at Baliguda in Odisha’s Kandhamal district. This was after communal riots had occurred in the region two days back when there was a murder of VHP leader Swami Laxmananda Saraswat and his four supporters. In the gangrape case charges were on 10 persons of which 9 were nabbed and one till now has evaded the police. Out of 9 arrested 8 were granted bail while Mitu Patnaik was still there in Choudwar jail. In 2010 Odisha High Court directed that the case be shifted to the district and sessions judge court in Cuttack on the survivor’s request as she had apprehension her life was endangered if it was in Kandhamal.

Anna Hazare did not attend Mamata Banerjee's rally as there was poor attendance


Anna Hazare has finally broken his silence regarding his absence in Mamata Banerjee’s rally. He specified he did not attend the rally as there was not even the presence of 4000 people. He also specified that he was misled. At the same time he extended his support for Banerjee but specified he will not be offering support to her party in the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls. The news which came in earlier was that he was not able to attend due to being unwell. But Anna Hazare stated when he reached Delhi by 12pm there was only 2000-2500 people at Ramlila Maidan. He specified that he again checked at 1pm and 2pm but there was poor attendance. He said he had been misled as the organizers told him it was Mamata Banerjee’s rally while she was told it was Anna Hazare’s Rally. Hazare had earlier supported Banerjee for the position of the Prime Minister.

Kejriwal involved in controversy over his comment on media being paid

The AAP leader, Arvind Kejriwal is now involved in a fresh controversy. He is believed to have made the statement that media has been sold by huge amounts so as to do the promotion of Narendra Modi. He allegedly even issued a warning that if his party comes to power then he will carry a probe on this which can result in jail term for media wallahs. These remarks he is believed to have passed in Nagpur at a fund-raising dinner yesterday. But today Kejriwal has retracted from what he had said and told media he cannot be angry with them. The statements made by him were broadcasted by a national television channel but the authenticity of the video cannot be proved. At the same time the Aam Aadmi Party defended Kejriwal and stated that complaint with the Election Commission will be filed against India News, India TV and Zee TV, as they show biased approach regarding Modi.

Inflation dipped to 4.68%, lowest in 9 months

Inflation dipped to lowest in 9 months and stood at 4.68% in February. This was due to relaxation in the prices of essentials like onion and potato, which will give the RBI some scope to slash interest rate in its upcoming monetary policy. The food inflation which is calculated on the basis of Wholesale Price Index (WPI), dipped to 8.12% in February, it was 8.8% in January. This was due to easing of prices of all items, except milk and fruit. Inflation has been dipping since December and it stood at 5.05% in January. Before February, in May 2013 the lowest WPI was registered at 4.58%. That year in June again it had risen to 5.16%. The details of price change in February were

  • Price of onions slumped by 20.06%
  • Price of potato dipped to 8.36%
  • Price of fruits increased to 9.92% as against 5.32% in January
  • Price of milk also rose to 8.45% compared to 7.22% in January
6 months ban on 3 players by Hockey India

Hockey India has imposed a 6 months ban on Karamjit Singh and Sarvanjit Singh, senior international players of Punjab and Sind Bank, Gurpreet Singh of Air India from playing any of the tournaments of Hockey India. This ban will be effective from April 1, 2014. These players had a clash during the 48th All India Bombay Gold Cup Tournament, and red cards were issued to them. These players will be from October 1, 2014 on a probation and if any such act is repeated that would entail to ban of another year. The banned players can appeal against this in the time frame of a month to Grievance Redressal Committee and Hockey India Athletes Dispute. The NC Railways women's team was also banned for 6 months as they walked away in a match with Haryana XI in the India Invitation Prize Money Women Tournament.

First solar powered toilet in the world to be unveiled in India

A toilet where solar energy is the fuel is being developed for those regions in the world where safe sanitation is still not affordable. This will help 2.5 billion people across the world and would be launched in India in this month. The project funded by & Melinda Gates Foundation named Foundation's 'Reinvent the Toilet Challenge' is a waterless one which would heat the human waste to such a high temperature that it turns into biochar which is a very porous charcoal. This can be used for increasing crop yield. The inventions from 16 teams in the world will be shipped to Delhi where they would be displayed for scientists, engineers and other eminent personalities. The sun’s energy is used to produce 600 degree Fahrenheit of heat. Biochar thus produced has high water retention capacity which can hold in itself 50% more water.

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