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Major News and Events of 14 October 2014

What Happened on 14 October 2014

WPI and CPI hits Record Low

During September 2014, Wholesale Price Index fell to 2.38 percent. In August 2014, WPI was 3.74 percent. The main reasons behind this fall are decrease in prices of crude prices globally, low demand for industrial products, and slow down in increase of food articles. Since October 2009, it is the lowest WPI. CPI or Consumer Price Index or Retail Inflation has also hit a record low since January 2012. In September 2014 it stands at 6.46 per cent.

HudHud Aftermath Update

24 deaths have been reported till now in the Hudhud affected areas in coastal Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. Loss amounting to Rs. 8000 crore (public as well as private properties) has been estimated. Chaos has been reported in Vizag while five teams have been deployed to carry out rescue operations. While milk costs Rs. 100 per litre, water costs Rs. 250 per litre. Reports are pouring in that essential supplies have been looted by the locals. Power as well as telephone connection are not yet restored. Andhra CM threatened telecom providers to restore connectivity immediately.

Three-Cornered fight where each is having Different Agenda

Multidimensional fight in Haryana has made it difficult to sense the mood of the electorate as well as the possible outcome. Every party has its own agenda. While INC is banking on the extent of development done by them in the last 10 years, BJP is stressing upon bringing change in state power. INLD is trying to evoke sympathy among voters by showing its chief’s jail term. O P Chautala was heard saying during rallies that he was jailed because of giving jobs.

Major Setback for DLF

SEBI has undertaken strong action against DLF, major real estate player, along with six top executives of the company. They cannot access capital market for three long years. This is a major setback for the company especially during current bull run in the capital market.  DLF was found guilty by SEBI for deliberately and actively suppressing material information while floating IPO. Its stock plunged by 24 per cent after the news become public.

Government will Acquire 40,000 mn tonnes of Coal Capacity after SC Verdict

After cancellation of coal block allocation, done in the last 20 years, by Supreme Court, according to estimates, unexplored coal capacity to the tune of around 40,000 mn tonnes will be moved to the government. To accomplish this huge task, government is looking for land data and personnel for coal mine takeover.  

Samsung brings Galaxy Note 4 and Gear S to India

Samsung has launched its flagship Galaxy Note 4 and wearable gadget Gear S today. While the smartphone is priced at Rs. 58300 the wearable gadget is priced at Rs. 29000. Samsung brought Galaxy Note 4 to India after it launched the device in Berlin’s IFA 2014 last month. It will be pitched  against the other behemoths in high end smartphone category such as Sony Xperia Z3, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6.

BJP President of Maharashtra said 4 Other Parties Ganging Up

BJP President of Maharashtra has shown confidence by saying they will win upcoming election unilaterally. He also accused that the other major parties including INC, NCP, Shiv Sena, and MNS are ganging up as the possibility of BJP getting majority becoming more and more clear. When asked about the issue of chief ministerial candidate, Devendra Fadnavis said that this has become a sensitive issue within BJP.

Shiv Sena Attacks all its Oppositions Again

Even after the campaign for October 15 election ended, Shiv Sena made fresh attacks on its erstwhile ally BJP by calling the latter power hungry. Shiv Sena also regarded its other opposition parties – Nationalist Congress Party and Indian National Congress – ‘dead snakes’. Shiv Sena also accused BJP of promoting regionalism as well as caste-based politics in Maharashtra.

UN rejects its Intervention on Kashmir Issue

Pakistan had tried to drag United Nations to resolve Kashmir issue. However, UN has rejected its intervention in the issue and asked both the contending nations – India and Pakistan – to solve the issue bilaterally through dialogue. UN has urged the countries to come to an agreement on long term solution through dialogue. Pakistan had recently wrote to the United Nations in an attempt to make Kashmir issue an international one.

PDS and MGNREGS successes Help India move Up the Ladder in Global Hunger Index

Owing to the successes of two important socially beneficial programmes -  Public Distribution System (PDS) and Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) – India has been able to improve its ranking on the Global Hunger Index. It has come up from its earlier 63rd position of 2013 to 55th position in 2014. The report of GHI is prepared by IFPRI or International Food Policy Research Institute.

Nabi will not be playing ISL Football Tournament's 1st Season

Mumbai City FC of newly started Indian Super League football tournament got their first biggest blow today. Former’s skipper Syed Rahim Nabi will not be able to play for the coming three weeks. It is because of the the ankle injuries he received during tournament’s first football match at thirty ninth minute. Mumbai City FC lost that game to Atletico de Kolkata by 0-3.

Social Media used for HudHud Rescue

This is the first time a state Government has used social media for rescuing people in areas affected by natural calamity. Andhra Pradesh government has been successful in involving citizens for disaster management. After HudHud devastation, many people have taken snaps with their mobiles and uploaded the pictures on popular social media sites. The pictures that were collected through crowd-sourcing initiatives will be shared with National Remote Sensing Centre, so that they can be put on satellite maps for direct identification and consequently geo-tagging could be done.

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