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Major News and Events of 15 December 2017

What Happened on 15 December 2017

Indian Fishermen arrested by Pakistani authorities for illegal fishing

Pakistan Maritime Security Force has arrested 43 fishermen and has also seized 7 boats on Thursday for alleged fishing in the Pakistani waters. The arrested fishermen have been handed over to the Dock police. This month around 144 Indian fishermen have been arrested by Pakistan Maritime Security Force (PMSF) and the total number of fishermen arrested this month has reached over 400.

Sonia Gandhi has retired as President of Congress but not from politics: Congress

Sonia Gandhi has resigned from her post of Congress party President on Friday and her son Rahul Gandhi is going to take charge of Indian National Congress on Saturday. After Sonia Gandhi's retirement, the question of her quitting from politics was doing the rounds. However, Congress party has shed light on the matter and said that she is going to continue as a member of the Parliament. She has left the post of President of the party but not politics.

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