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Major News and Events of 16 July 2012

What Happened on 16 July 2012

Inflation to five month's low, no respite for common man
If there is some positive news for the economy there is not much to cheer for again. Inflation reached 7.25 percent in June which is a five month’s low as compared to 7.55 percent in the May. The general food prices remained static on the higher side, giving little respite to the common man and the policy makers. Overall inflation too is much above the comfort level. 
Food inflation spiked to 10.81 per cent in June from 10.74 per cent in May. The prices of vegetables, pulses, milk, eggs, meat and fish soared up. The scenario was like this- vegetable prices rose by 48.84 percent, potato by 75.85 percent, pulses by 20.48 percent, milk became costlier by 7.30 percent and prices  of fish, eggs, meat soared by 16.25 percent. Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission Montek Singh Ahluwalia has stated that inflation remained a big challenge but the government is hopeful it will be controlled in near future
Jaswant Singh BJP nominee for Vice President
NDA on Monday, July 16 named BJP veteran leader Jaswant Singh as its vice presidential candidate. The numbers are not in his favor but Jaswant Singh did not agree to the fact that he was fighting a losing battle as according to him the election of president and vice-president was something beyond numbers. Hamid Ansari is the UPA nominee who in all probability is going to win. The BJP leader L. K. Advani announced the candidature of Jaswant Singh, who has served as the finance, external affairs and defence minister in the past. 
Class 12 students win legal battle against school, board in Supreme Court
The Supreme Court’s decision went in favor of three Class 12 students in Lucknow, who have won an important legal battle against their school and the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CICSE) in the Supreme Court. The students - Faraz Talha, Eishaan Singh and Shreshtra Mishra of the famous St Francis College won the case after five months. The Supreme Court quashed special leave petition (SLP) of the Council against the students. The college had stopped the students from appearing in the exam. They were informed just two days before the exams that they cannot appear as there attendance fell short of 60 per cent required attendance whereas they have been playing cricket for their college and have been marked absent for the same. 
India-Pakistan cricket match after five years of gap
India Pakistan will play cricket after five years of gap. The BCCI invited Pakistan to play 3 ODIs and 2 Twenty20 matches in December- January. This series will come in between the England’s November series when the visiting team will return to homeland for 15 days for Christmas. BCCI stated that the ODIs will be held at New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai and the T20 matches at Bangalore and Ahmedabad. There were talks on resumption of cricketing ties at the foreign secretaries meeting earlier this month. 
DGCA asks airlines not to increase fares
The aviation regulator has specified to all airlines not to increase fares and to maintain the ticket prices under the prescribed bands. This directive came after there were reports of increasing fare by domestic airlines. It is said that this happened in the event of Kingfisher flights getting cancelled and rise in agent booking charges. DGCA has further clarified that there were marginal increase last week as there was reduction in some sectors due to Kingfisher flights getting cancelled though there was no increase in the past few days. 
Astrosat to study universe at multi-wavelengths
The Indian astronomy satellite, Astrosat which is priced at $50 million will go on a polar circular orbit in 2013. The satellite will study for the first time the universe at multi-wavelengths like optical, ultraviolet and X-ray wavebands; this was stated by the ISRO scientific secretary, V. Koteshwar Rao. The satellite which weighs 1.6 tonnes will be launched from the Sriharikota spaceport onboard a 300-tonne rocket with five scientific instrument which includes a soft X-ray telescope, an ultraviolet imaging telescope, an imager and a sky scanning monitor 
Karan Johar invited for London Olympics
Filmmaker Karan Johar has been invited for the London Olympics by Britain's national tourism agency, Visit Britain who had also appointed Karan Johar as its goodwill ambassador for the 'Britain You're Invited' campaign. Karan will be joining the 506 dignitaries present at the event to be held from July 27 to August 12. The other person who has been invited from India is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. 

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