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Major News and Events of 16 October 2014

What Happened on 16 October 2014

FIFA Opinion: India Must Focus on Grassroot Development of Football to become Soccer Power

Jerome Valcke, secretary general of FIFA, has opined that if Indian football wants to become a soccer power, it must concentrate on development of the sports at grassroots level. He also said that ISL or Indian Super League like initiatives may help youngsters in taking up the sports but also warned that it should not become the only focus.

Mars Orbiter Repositioned to Avert Collision with Comet

National Space Agency and other space agencies of the world expect a comet named Siding Spring to follow a trajectory that will be very close to Mars on October 19. In fact, this may cause problems for Indian Space Research Organisation’s Mars Orbitor. To enable Mangalaayan work in a smooth and error free manner, ISRO scientists have repositioned the orbitor in such a way that it is farthest from the Comet Siding Spring’s tail, containing debris of the comet, to avert any kind of possible collision.


Labour Reform Launched in India

Indian Prime Minister launched labour reform to achieve his dream of making India a successful manufacturing hub. The reform is expected to ease the process of doing business in India. Some of the essential reforms included in ‘Shramev Jayate’ (Triumph of Labour) are introduction of minimum Rs. 1000 pension, inclusion of more workers within the ambit of EPF scheme (through raising the income ceiling for it from Rs. 6500 to Rs. 15000 per month), doing away with ‘inspector raj’, Shram Suvidha, and Labour Inspection Scheme.

India Not to Cooperate with US Trade Representative on IPR Issues regarding Special 301 Report

Office of the US Trade Representative have unilaterally initiated OCR or out-of-cycle review for its annual Special 301 Report. According to the US, India has a slack IPR or intellectual property right regime. American authorities have been conveyed by Government of India that the latter is in no way obliged to participate in the review process. India will only cooperate with the US in US-India IP working group formed recently during Indian PM’s US visit.

Standoff Expected Again during Geneva Meet of WTO

India will stick to its gun on food security’s permanent solution before ratifying TFA or Trade Facilitation Agreement. This was conveyed by Nirmala Sitharaman, the Commerce & Industry Minister, thereby negating any possibility of softening of previous stand. WTO meeting of Trade Negotiations Committee will be held today in Geneva and the primary focus will be on breaking the deadlock. However, some reports also indicate that India may curtail some of the demands done earlier such as insistence on protection of future welfare scheme.

Guidelines to be Issued for Setting up Small Finance Banks

Raghuram Rajan, Governor of RBI, has said that within a few weeks guidelines will be issued to set up small finance banks that are expected to cater to the needs of small customers, to fulfill the aim of achieving financial inclusion. Existing banks are also asked to use mobile platforms to make banking more affordable and accessible.  

More than Rs 1 lakh crore Loss due to HudHud

HudHud cyclonic storm that hit Odisha-Andhra Pradesh coastline on October 12 not only damaged agricultural crops but also state government assets, national highways, and residential properties amounting to a loss of more than Rs 1 lakh crore in just three districts (East Godavari, Srikakulam, and Visakhapatnam) of Andhra Pradesh, according to estimates of AP government officials.

Chinese Objections on Indian Plans of Building 2000 km Roads in Arunachal Pradesh

After reports regarding Indian plans for building roads of 2000 kms in Arunachal Pradesh surfaced, China reacted sharply. Beijing asked Delhi not to complicate the border dispute further. Officials of border management department in Home Ministry have reportedly conveyed Reuters that China should not be worried about what India does in its territory. The officials also pointed out that China has also broadened railway and road network near Indo-China border areas.

India Moves Ahead to have its own Navigation System

India's 3rd navigation satellite IRNSS 1C has been launched with the help of PSLV C26 rocket. This ISRO initiative has helped India to set up its own navigation system, similar to that of USA’s  GPS or Global Positioning System. The PSLV C26 rocket was launched at 1.32am of October 16, 2014 from First Launch Pad of Sriharikota. It took the rocket 20 minutes to place the IRNSS 1C satellite, weighing 1425.4 kg, on desired orbit.

Telecom Authority Asks Government not to Go Ahead with Spectrum Auction until Arrangement of Adequate Spectrum is done

TRAI, the telecom regulatory authority, has asked the government to provide adequate spectrum even before auctioning 1800 MHz and 900 MHz band spectrum in the month of February. The regulatory body has specifically asked not to go for auction until and unless sufficient spectrum is arranged. TRAI has also asked Union Government to hold simultaneous spectrum auction of 2100 MHz, 1800 MHz, 900 MHz, and 800 Mhz bands.

Exit Polls Indicate Modi Wave and Strong Incumbency Factors in Haryana and Maharashtra

All the Exit Polls show huge mandate in favour of Bharatiya Janata Party in both Haryana and Maharashtra. Both the states went to polls on October 15. While Haryana witnessed 76 per cent turnout, Maharashtra witnessed 63.4 per cent turnout. ABP News Nielson and Today’s Chanakya gave BJP 52 and 46 seats respectively. However, India TV-CVoter gave BJP 34-40 seats, falling short of the 46 magic number. In Maharashtra, Today’s Chanakya, ABP News Nielson, and India TV-Cvoter gave BJP 151, 144, and 124-134 seats respectively, where the magic number of forming government is 145.

Westernised Education Adversely Affecting Indian Values, says Rajnath

Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister, has said that the current education system, which is again based upon westernised thinking, is not able to fulfill education’s main objectives and is also adversely affecting the cultural as well as value aspects of India. The minister also said that comprehensive personality development should be the main objective of education.

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