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Major News and Events of 19 March 2014

What Happened on 19 March 2014

EC issues directives regarding social media usage by the political parties

Political parties are utilizing the power of Social Media in a big way and keeping this in mind the Election Commission is monitoring the same and issuing detailed guidelines to the parties. The parties need to acquire certification for publishing the content on these platforms. At the same time the social networking sites have been asked to maintain the amount of money spent by the parties on the promotion so that they can be furnished when the need arises. All these are part of the initiative of the Election Commission to put a hold on the paid news activities. In fact the candidates were asked to specify the social media accounts they are maintaining when they filed their nomination papers.

More women voters than men but still very few reach the parliament from Kerala

From the state of Kerala very few women are elected to the parliament than men. This happens whenthere is the largest gender electoral ratio of 1,079 women to 1,000 men. But very few women contest the elections and there are very few winners. From Kerala 20 members are elected to the Lok Sabha and it is a tussle between the United Democratic Front (UDF) and the Left Democratic Front (LDF). In 1999 there were only 2 women candidates, in 2004 5 candidates were in fray of which two fielded by CPI-M led LDF won and 3 of Congress led UDF lost. In 2009 elections all the three women candidates lost. Of the 23,792,270 voters voters who will vote this year, 12,349,345 are women voters and 11,442,925 men voters.

Advani wants to contest from Bhopal, BJP wants him to stick to Gandhinagar


In keeping with the new drama unfolding with each passing day, the senior BJP leader, LK Advani has now specified that he would like to contest from Bhopal and in the process he is willing to desert his constituency from where he stood for 5 times, Gandhinagar in Gujarat. He has informed about this to Rajnath Singh and had also stated that when everyone was being given chance he should be also allowed to state his preference. He also added that he had no issues to contest from Gandhinagar but Bhopal appeared safer to him. He did not attend the crucial Parliamentary Board meeting where this was discussed. At the same time BJP wants him to stand from Gandhinagar if he shifts constituency it will send out wrong signals and may imply he is not too comfortable with Modi. Advani had even criticized the nomination of Modi as the Prime ministerial candidate.

Improvement of credit profile of Indian companies: Standard & Poor's


Standard & Poor's the ratings agency has specified that creditworthiness of companies in India is improving as the debt repayment is being done through asset sale as well as by developing the equity capital. It also specified that among the companies Bharti Airtel, GMR Infrastructure, Tata Steel and Tata Power have enhanced their credit profiles. The agency also specified that the companies have divested stakes in businesses. The weak economy and high interest rates have hampered the cash flow and thus impacted the ability to cater to debts as well. Standard & Poor's gave positive to 'B+' rating on Tata Power Co. Ltd. and increased the rating on Bharti Airtel Ltd. to 'BBB-'. The rating agency was of the opinion that companies will also be able to curtail their debts by positive cash infusion. It also added companies having slashed capital expenditures and had expansion plans in the present economic scenario.

Sushil Kumar looking for gold medal at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games

Wrestler Sushil Kumar, the recipient of two Olympic medals stated he was aiming for a medal at grabbing medal at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games which begins from September 19. Sushil Kumar will be competing in the 70 kg category which is a new one for him. He will next move on to 74 kg weight category for the Rio Games in 2014. Earlier he competed in the 66 kg category which has been removed from the Rio Games. Sushil stated he was adjusting to the new weight category and was confident that he will be performing well in the Asian Games, World Championships and Commonwealth Games, though he was of the opinion that adjusting to 74 kg will be difficult task. He specified that adjusting to different weights is pretty challenging but there was no option left. He also said it was still easier for him to move on to higher weight category than to lose weight for the Olympics and compete in 65 kg category.

Moto X to be sold exclusively from Flipkart store


Flipkart and Google Motorola have tied up again for the launch of the Moto X in India. The sale started from today at 12pm. The phone is priced at Rs 23,999 for the color variant and Rs 25999 for the wood finish variant. The price has been made competitive and matches with that in the US market. Flipkart will be the exclusive partner of Motorola for the sale of Moto X in India. The device will have limited stock though. Once the stock is all sold out then fresh stock will come in the 1st week of April. Phone features include voice command, unique touch to appeal to fashion lovers. Technical specifications are: 4.7" AMOLED 720p display, screen made of Corning Gorilla Glass, Android 4.4 Kitkat, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB and 32 GB internal storage, primary camera 10MP with host of features for camera and video.

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