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Major News and Events of 21 April 2014

What Happened on 21 April 2014

Sikhs outraged with Amarinder Singh's remark

There were protests by the Sikhs outside the Congress office in New Delhi. As per the media reports the Sikh community is enraged over the remark of Congress candidate of Amritsar, Amarinder Singh who stated that Jagdish Tytler’s name emerged when he was contesting against Madan Lal Khurana. He thus gave clearance to Tytler’s name in the case.

Modi to make India free of criminals


According to reports in media, Narendra Modi has stated if he comes to power he would look into the affidavits of all the candidates who won in the election. If anyone had criminal records then he will ask the apex court to do the needful for them. The BJP and the NDA candidates will also not be spared. This way he will make India free of criminals.

Raja and Kanimozhi to answer 1700 questions related to 2G scam


The 2G case accused A. Raja and Kanimozhi will have to reply to 1700 questions related to the case and their statements will be recorded from May 5 as per the media reports. The court has also specified that since time has been given to them now they will have to answer the questions very fast.

Apex court rejects Tejpal's interim bail plea


The Supreme Court which has given its consent to hear the bail petition of Tarun Tejpal as per the media reports has rejected his interim bail pleas. Tejpal is now at Sada jail in judicial custody and has charges of alleged, rape sexual harassment of his junior colleague. He was arrested on November 30, 2013.

Tamil Nadu model is better than Gujarat: Rahul Gandhi


Tamil Nadu model is better than Gujarat, this was said by Rahul Gandhi as per the media reports. He also stated that he was happy the Congress was fighting the election alone here and would do so in the elections in future. He was addressing a public meeting at Ramanathapuram district.

Mining allowed in Goa, yearly cap of 20 million ton


Mining will be allowed in Goa but the upper limit will be 20 million ton in an year, this has been stated by the Supreme Court as per the media reports. The apex court has also directed the state to form an expert panel which will furnish report regarding the cap, dumping etc. in a time frame of 6 months.

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