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Major News and Events of 21 October 2013

What Happened on 21 October 2013

Rasheed Masood disqualified from Rajya Sabha


The first member of the Parliament to be disqualified is the Congress leader Rasheed Masood who on Monday faced disqualification from the Rajya Sabha. This was due to the fact that he was convicted in a corruption case. It was in conformance to the Supreme Court’s directive which specifies that the lawmakers will face immediate disqualification if they faced conviction for criminal charges which entailed to jail terms of more than 2 years. Masood has got four years of jail term on 19th September in a corruption case by a Delhi court. The disqualification will start from the day the verdict was given. Next in the line may be Lalu Prasad, and Jagdish Sharma, who will face disqualification from the Lok Sabha.

India and Moscow ink five agreements


Five agreements will be signed between India and Russia for strategic collaboration pertaining to global as well as bilateral matters. This was decided in the annual summit level talks between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Vladimir Putin at Moscow. They had a restricted talk earlier and then the delegation level talks for boosting the bilateral ties. The agreements were inked after this. Out of the five agreements one deals with transferring of convicted and sentenced people, one was related to science and technology. The ones pertaining to 3rd and 4th reactor for Kudankulam nuclear power projects were not signed today. The annual summit level talks encompass various sectors like science, technology, defence, economy, energy as well as bilateral partnership.

Supreme Court refuses to intervene in the excavation process of ASI at Unnao


The Supreme Court has stated it will not intervene in the process of excavation of gold by ASI which is believed to be buried under the 19th century fort ruins in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh. The court in reply to a PIL which sought for adequate protection at the excavation site so that the hidden treasure remains protected stated that it cannot pass an order in a matter which is purely based on assumption and not on facts. The SC bench comprising CJ P Sathasivam and Justice Ranjan Gogoi said that it cannot pass an order at this juncture and can listen to the petition only after the errors in it were removed. It also stated on 18th October that the responsibility of providing security lies with the state government. The seer Shobhan Sarkar had a dream where he saw at least 1000 tons of gold was hidden in the fort which belonged to a 1857 revolt martyr, Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh. No one believed his words till a union minister visited him and asked the ASI to do the excavation.

Mahindra group to manufacture first 8 seater plane in India


The aircraft and components manufacturing unit of Mahindra group, Mahindra Aerospace will begin production of the first eight-seater aircraft in the country in the coming two years. The prospect for a small aircraft is immense in India the company thinks as it can benefit 100 million travellers and the equal number of pilgrims. The company is already manufacturing such aircraft in Australia through Aerostaff and GrippsAero whose acquisition it got in 2010. The company has also exported 250 aircraft from Australia for the purpose of tourism in US, Europe, Canada among other countries. The aircraft which will be designed will have the capability to land in rough terrain as well and will follow the same concept as Mahindra jeep which can be used in areas where there are no proper roads.

Karnataka's mangrove forests a hit with the tourists


Coastal Karnataka now has mangrove trees which have started attracting lot of tourists. It has been the initiative of the Karnataka Forest Department to grow the mangroves in the coastal delta just like it was done in Goa, Kerala and Maharashtra. Mangrove tourism is catching up in a big way wherein the travellers visit the coastal regions of the state, go on boat rides to observe the marine life as well as different species of birds in these mangrove forests. Karwar and Ullal have become very popular with the tourists. The project was started in 2008 and 800 hectares of the deltaic area now has mangrove plantations which are being developed into eco-tourist spots. Mangrove trees are said to absorb carbon dioxide more than any other trees.

'Ram Leela' in trouble in Gujarat


The movie ‘Ram Leela’ has sparked violence in Rajkot where members of Kshatriya community protested for the removal of posters of the movie and vandalized a mall. A huge procession was also taken against the movie which the community thinks has portrayed the Rajputs in bad light. Effigies of Bhansali were also burnt. The mall had the posters of the movie which the protesters asked to be removed. There was even tussle with the security guards. The community stated that they needed an explanation from Bhansali regarding the changes he had done in the movie. Bhansali had stated he would do some changes. It was also said on behalf of Bhansali that he being a Gujarati himself did not desire to hurt the feelings of the people. The community is firm on its stand if the required changes are not made the movie will not be screened in Gujarat.

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