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Major News and Events of 22 December 2013

What Happened on 22 December 2013

Corruption is the biggest problem of India – Rahul Gandhi at a Ficci conference

Poverty, complete arbitrary powers and slow decision making are the hurdles in the growth of India. This has been said by Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi at a Ficci conference on Saturday. He further added that business is suffering a lot because of slow decision making process. Though good reasons are also holding back many projects but some are just not going forward because of bad reasons. . Then we have the problem of inflation along with corruption which are the biggest enemies of the nation. Corruption is hurting the nation very badly. He said that Amendment to Prevention of Corruption Act and Grievance Redressal Bill will be huge steps against corruption and also added that India has many bright young people but education is the major problem. They do not have access to the education. But technology can surely play its role in this aspect by increasing access to education. He emphasized on the production of 100 million jobs by the next ten years as India needs to grow and this growth cannot happen if the people remain poor. Gandhi also talked about governance and said that political parties are for the people who elect them. He said that convicted MPs cannot be a part of the squad and will be kept out of Parliament. He also touched the topic of tearing away an ordinance in a lighter vein.

India conversing with US to resolve Devyani Khobragade's case

Senior diplomat Devyani Khobragade’s arrest and strip search in US has created a rage. India is asking for an unconditional apology from US whereas US is clear that charges against her won’t be taken back. But efforts are being put to resolve the issue and conversations are going on. Both the nations emphasized on the bilateral relationships but Washington being clear on its stand that Khobragade would not enjoy diplomatic immunity "retroactively". A week after her arrest she has been transferred to the UN which will give her full immunity for the period of time she is posted at the UN. External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid called the relationship "extremely exceptionally valuable" and emphasized on the protection of their relationship. He said that conversations at different levels are going on for a logical conclusion. A State Department spokesperson in Washington also said the same. Khurshid said that expecting dignity for a diplomat is not unreasonable. Whereas the State Department is clear that although Khobragade has been shifted from Deputy Consul General with limited immunity to the UN mission with full immunity, but past charges against her won’t go away. Uttam Khobragade, former IAS officer and father of Devyani Khobragade said that there can be a possibility of conspiracy against her daughter and maid could be a “CIA agent”.

Kareena is part of Channel V's VithU app for women's safety

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor has lend her name for the cause related to the safety of women. She said that she does not feel safe in the city and became part of this cause. Kareena was a special guest at an event promotion organized by Channel V for VithU app meant for the security of women. To use this app, Mobile phone has been provided with the button and by clicking that a woman can reach to her friends and family in emergency. She said that in the increasing crime rate it is important that women must be protected. As actors can reach out to the masses so it is extremely important for them to stand up for such issues. She said that her mother Babita and husband Saif Ali Khan are equally delighted about the app. Saif even wished to become part of this cause, she added. Stating illiteracy as the main cause of the problem she said that her mother too gets worried when she shoots late at night or till very early morning. She even referred to the gang rape of a journalist in Mumbai and called this really shocking. Kareena said that people must be educated and must have clean and positive thinking.

PepsiCo India to set up new manufacturing plant in Andhra Pradesh

PepsiCo India, one of the biggest giants in beverages and snacks said that it will start its new beverage manufacturing facility in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh costing over Rs12 billion. After completing this plant at Sri City, Andhra Pradesh the plant will be the largest beverage plant by PepsiCo India. In a statement PepsiCo India said that by 2020 its partners would invest Rs330 billion in India. It also added that plans are going on to increase the mango pulp sourcing from Andhra Pradesh in the coming six years. PepsiCo India Chairman and CEO D Shivakumar said that this new facility is a part of their growth plan in India and they are happy that it is happening in Andhra Pradesh. Sri City has an ideal location, great infrastructure, connectivity as well as manpower. Various kinds of beverages will be manufactured at the new plant including fruit juice based drinks, carbonated soft drinks and sports drinks. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy said that entire proposed plant will be completed in three phases. The new plant will open new jobs and about 8000 people will get direct and indirect employment.

Aam Adami Party likely to form government in Delhi

Aam Adami Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal said,”We will perform”. The statement made this pretty clear that AAP is all set to form a government in Delhi which has not been official announced yet. He further added that his party is not shunning away from the responsibility and not shy is forming the government. He has been invited by the Lieutenant Governor to form government after winning 28 seats out of 70. Kejriwal also said that they will stick to the manifesto and deliver what has been said as manifesto was prepared after consultations. He added that expectations of people are also associated with us who voted for us. They want us to form government. Aam Adami Party even sought common man’s view on whether they should form government with Congress or not. For this public meeting, jan sabhas were organized across the city. Now whether AAP will form the government or not will be announced on Monday morning. Kejriwal said that this is unique to Indian politics and has never happened previously where common’s right has extended beyond voting. The Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) won 31 seats and declined to form a government. Kejriwal further added that if they would come to power then they will definitely pass the Lokpal Bill in Delhi a week later than the said date (29th December) because much time has been consumed.

HTC Max One - a bigger phone by HTC

HTC One Max is a bigger phone by the company and has 5.9 inch screen and bigger than HTC One. Enjoy the fingerprint scanner and microSD card slot for expanding the memory. HTC One Max is part of the bandwagon and competing with Nokia, Samsung, Sony and LG. TV show lovers have new application with which they can talk about their favorite programmes. The application named iCouchApp is useful for fans as they can now review, rate and follow TV shows. They can even engage in discussions by taking part in group chats. The app will surely minimize the gap between audience and channels.

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