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Major News and Events of 23 August 2013

What Happened on 23 August 2013

Asaram Bapu supporters protest, demand quashing of the FIR


Asaram Bapu’s supporters staged a protest outside a police station in New Delhi. Here at this station a minor girl had registered a complaint stating that the Asaram had sexually assaulted her in Jodhpur. Asaram's protesters wanted the FIR to be quashed and they even attacked a media person. Three of the protesters were detained for the assault. 500 of them who assembled in front of the Kamla Market police station which is in central Delhi at 10 am and marched towards Jantar Mantar. The girl who hails from Shahjahanpur district in Uttar Pradesh had gone to Asaram Bapu’s ashram in Jodhpur, Rajasthan for medical treatment along with her family. Asaram Bapu allegedly took her to a room for treatment and then assaulted her. The self proclaimed godman’s supporters think this is a ploy to malign him.

Mumbai photojournalist gang-raped, one arrested, four identified


A horrifying incident of gang-rape has been reported in Mumbai on Thursday when a 22 year old, photojournalist was raped by five men in an abandoned mill while her colleague was ruthlessly beaten. This incident happened at around 6 pm and the Mumbai Police has sprung up in action. One of these rapists has been arrested and the other four have been identified. To speed up the investigation, twenty teams of Mumbai Police and crime branch are working on this case and the rapists’ sketches have also been circulated.

The woman had gone with her colleague for a photo assignment at Shakti Mills near Mahalaxmi railway station in South Mumbai. When five men came in and charged them for trespassing and stated they would have to meet their officer. After that an altercation happened and the heinous crime was committed. The woman and her friend are being treated at the Jaslok Hospital. This incident has sent shock waves in the city.

Rupee gets a bit stable, Sensex increases by 206 points


The Sensex spiked to 206 points, while the Nifty posted an increase of 63 points on Friday. This positive development happened after the rupee seemed to check its downslide of consecutive six days. The Sensex increased by 1% in the 2nd day of gain in a row. BSE started at 18,386.53 points and closed at 18,519.44 points, that is a spike of 206.50 points or 1.13% than yesterday's close at 18,312.94 points.

The rupee backtracked to 64.06 in late afternoon compared to Thursday's close of 64.55. Finance Minister P. Chidambaram had stated on Thursday of the rupee being undervalued, while the RBI chief rallied for the liquidity curtailing measures. ICICI share prices increased by 2.6% while that of HDFC Bank by 3.2 per cent.

Offered money to tank the finals in 2010 world meet in Moscow: Sushil Kumar


Sushil Kumar who has won the Olympic medal twice stated he was requested to throw the finals at the 2010 world meet in Moscow. He was offered a hefty amount of few crores by a member of the entourage. One of the foreign coaches was informed of the offer and it was stated that since the championship was in Russia so Sushil’s opponent should win. Sushil stated that he had told them he was on the verge of victory and would never think of running it. He concentrated on the game and defeated Gogaev 3-1 to bring the country its only world championship wrestling gold medal.

Madras Café hits theaters, no release in Tamil Nadu


Madras Café has hit the theaters in both Hindi and Tamil versions. This John Abraham starrer, even after getting a U/A certificate was not released in Tamil Nadu. The political thriller has not been banned by the government but the screen owners of both individual theatre and multiplex, are not taking the movie for screening in the state. The movie has also got the nod from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). The single theaters and multiplexes fear protests so they have not opted for screening the movie. The movie based in Sri Lanka narrates the Sri Lankan civil war as well as the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. It has received the ire of the Tamil activists who have stated that the movie has negatively portrayed the LTTE as terrorists.

India secures 3rd position in the size of internet population, overtakes Japan


India has grabbed the coveted position from Japan and is now the world's 3rd largest Internet population with 73.9 million users, and has shown a 31% increase over previous year. India is now behind China leading with 348.2 million users, and the US with 191.4 million users, as specified by the ComScore study India Digital Future in Focus 2013. Brazil is only ahead of India in the Internet population growth rate with a 37% increase though it has 62.1 million internet users. 3/4th of the online population in India is under 35 years. With the online population surging like never before, it remains to be seen how the businesses utilize this opportunity.

Source: ZDNet

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