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Major News and Events of 24 March 2014

What Happened on 24 March 2014

Jaswant Singh to field as an independent candidate from Barmer

Jaswant Singh, unhappy over the fact that he was not allotted by the BJP the seat from Barmer to fight the Lok Sabha elections, now submitted his nomination papers as an independent candidate from Barmer Lok Sabha constituency. At the same time as per sources he is yet to resign from the party. It is said that this decision will be taken later on after he discusses with his supporters and attends a rally at Barmer. Singh stated that he was relieved after submitting the nomination papers. Also he added that this he has done for the honor of the people of the constituency. In the elections for the 15th Lok Sabha he had stood from Darjeeling. From Barmer BJP fielded the recent migrant from Congress Col. Sonaram. It was then Singh’s supporters planned this about him standing as an independent candidate from Barmer. Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje had to face the flak of not letting Jaswant Singh stand from Barmer by his supporters. This move Jawant Singh will cost heavily to the party as he the constituency has 2 lakh Rajput voters and he has support from other caste as well. In Rajasthan polls will be held for the 25 parliamentary constituencies on April 17 and 24.

Lok Sabha poll frenzy similar to being raped: Tollywood actor Dev

Election frenzy has started showing its effect it seems. This time the Tollywood actor Dev who is standing from Ghatal in Bengal has come up with weird explanation. He has compared the poll frenzy to the situation of being raped. This has drawn lot of ire from the political parties. Dev in an interview with a tabloid went on record to say that 80% of media had its spotlight on Ghatal and that the constituency is now in limelight. To which he was asked whether he enjoyed the attention. He replied it was a situation like rape where either one can enjoy or can scream. Of course no one has taken his outrageous comments lightly and there are talks of filing a complaint with the Election Commission. In fact in the process criticism has also started coming TMC’s way. It remains to be seen how things turn up after this incident.

Sharad Pawar asks voters to vote twice for NCP, draws EC's attention


There is more drama happening in a day and all is related to the Lok Sabha polls. This time Union Minister Sharad Pawar while addressing a rally at Navi Mumbai had told his supporters that they should go and vote at their hometowns. Come back wash off the ink and then again vote places where they work. This entails to asking the voters to vote twice for Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). Election Commission has demanded the tape of the speech. Pawar had said that since the vote was happening on two different days so the party supporters can fully utilize that and vote at two places. Pawar has specified his comments were being analyzed out of context and that he was in fact trying to encourage the voters. To add more to his woes one of the members of his party Dhananjay Munde, who had migrated from BJP stated that he was involved in rigging in the 2009 Lok Sabha polls and that he was making a promise now that there won’t be any fake voting in his district. NCP is an ally of the Congress and is in governance along with Congress in Maharashtra.

Sensex touches record high of 22,074.34 points

Sensex soared to 22,074.34 points which is a record high and ended at 22,055.48 points which is 300 points more from the previous close. Earlier the record high was 22,040.72 points which was reached on March 18. The BSE started the day with 21,827.50 points and ended at 22,055.48 points, with an increase of 300.16 points or 1.38% from where it ended on Friday at 21,755.32 points. In the intraday trading a high of 22,074.34 points and a low of 21,827.50 points was reached. The increase was spurred by oil and gas, bank, capital goods, automobile and metal stocks. Nifty ended at 6,583.50 points or 88.60 points or 1.36% increase from previous day’s close.

Notice to center by SC regarding misusing defence land


The Supreme Court has sent notice to the Centre acting on a PIL which sought probe in allegedly encroaching upon the land assigned for defence purpose and utilizing the same for commercial purpose which would not accrue any profit to the exchequer. As per the NGO Common Cause, 2 lakh acre of defence land was being used for private reasons and was commercially exploited. The notice was issued by the Supreme Court bench of CJI, P. Sathasivam and Justice Ranjan Gogoi. Prashant Bhushan, who is the counsel for the NGO specified that the said land be recovered and it should be determined how this was allowed in the presence of the defence authorities there. Also it has been requested in the PIL that a policy be formulated for how the land will be used and that it should be used for public interest. Directorate General of Defence Estates has also received the notice from the Supreme Court.

ATMs in the country run on Windows XP

The financial organizations are now thinking of shifting to Linux since Windows XP support will be over by April 8 in India. Linux has been chosen as it will give the firms more control over their system. In the world 95% of the financial firms work on Windows XP which is three editions older than Windows 8. What is a matter of concern is that the ATMs are run on XP and the number is higher than the computers in the bank run on XP. In fact the ATMs are not included in the 4 million computers which need to be upgraded. Some of the ATM have migrated to Windows 7 though. The saving grace is that the newer ATMs have the latest version and only the older ATMs have the previous version. A new ATM machine comes at a price of Rs 1.8 lakh.

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