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Major News and Events of 26 September 2013

What Happened on 26 September 2013

Terrorists from Pakistan kill 12 in Jammu and Kashmir


In Jammu and Kashmir, 12 people have been killed by the terrorists from Pakistan. This includes 6 policemen, 4 soldiers and 2 civilians. This is being termed as one of the worst attacks in J&K recently and it happens exactly three days prior to the meeting of the prime ministers of both the countries in New York. Three terrorists heavily armed got into Hira Nagar police station at Jammu and killed 8 people there. After that they went away in a truck and attacked an army base where they killed 4 army persons including one officer. The terrorists supposedly trespassed within 12 hours as informed by the Jammu and Kashmir CM Omar Abdullah. The police station was at a distance of 7 km from the border. Lt. Col. Bikramjeet Singh and three soldiers lost their lives in the attack. Army launched an operation and killed the three terrorists.

President wants clarification regarding the ordinance for convicted MPs


As per the reports President Pranab Mukherjee has specified he should be briefed by the government regarding the urgency to bring out the ordinance which will act as a shield for the convicted MPs and MLAs preventing their disqualification. The President has expressed he is not sure what may be so compelling that the ordinance got the nod of the cabinet in this week. It negates the apex court’s decision which directs that the legislators will be disqualified if they are involved in a corruption case or sentenced to two or more years of jail. Whereas the ordinance states they will not lose their office but will stay without perks and salary if they make an appeal in the higher court.

President has asked the Law Minister and the Home Minister to have a meeting with him. BJP also had a meeting with the President regarding the ordinance which was termed as unconstitutional, illegal and immoral by the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, Sushma Swaraj. It is also being said that this was perfectly timed to shield Lalu Yadav who may have to face disqualification if convicted by a Jharkhand Court in the multi-crore fodder scam and the very fact that he supports the UPA government this extra effort is being undertaken. Incidentally some Congress leaders have raised questions regarding the ordinance.

Rupee stronger, Sensex gains marginally


The rupee was stable and strong today compared to Wednesday’s standings against the dollar. The mood was upbeat as the RBI assured it will be ensuring sufficient liquidity in the banking system and would even buy bonds from the secondary market if the need maybe. The rupee started with 62.295 and in the intra-day trade was 62.125, it was trading at 62.205 at 2.26 pm was 62.260 as per the last update. The rupee has gone down by 11.59% and stands third in Asia following Indonesian rupiah and Japanese yen in the currencies which have fallen in value. Sensex ended trading on Thursday gaining marginally 38 points. It started with 19,853.66 points, and ended (provisionally) at 19,893.85 points, which was 37.61 points or 0.19 percent more than yesterday’s close at 19,856.24 points. NSE closed at just 5.75 points or 0.10 percent up at 5,879.60 points.

Criteria for Bharat Ratna modified to include Sachin Tendulkar?


An RTI by activist Subhash Chandra Agarwal has revealed that Bharat Ratna which is conferred for exceptional service for development of literature, art and science, and is considered as a recognition of the highest order in public service was actually tweaked in 2011 so that Sachin Tendulkar can be awarded with the same. Ajay Maken the sports minister at that time had sent a request to the home ministry for this. Similarly, MP Madhusudan Yadav also sent the same request for amending the criteria so that Tendulkar can receive the award. It has to be noted here that home ministry was not in much inclined for the inclusion of sportspersons for Bharat Ratna as that would have entailed to trade and industry, social work, etc being included too. The eligibility criteria was later on modified after it got the nod from the Prime Minister.

Age of superstars over: Akhshay


Akshay Kumar has stated that the age of superstars is over. Now the movies which have enriching content win the race. So nowadays even if there is a superstar in a movie that does not ensure its success, but what works is if the movie is good in itself. Akhshay also said he had no belief in the categorization of stars, and he said there were no big and small stars. Akhshay will be featuring next in Boss which is directed by Anthony D'souza's Boss and is a remake of Malayalam movie Pokkiri Raja. He said the movie had some tough action shots.

Google chat has bug, message being delivered to unintended contacts


Google has stated there is an issue with Google Talk because of which messages are being delivered to people whom you did not intend to send those. This is leading to major embarrassment. There has been no announcement as of now but the App Dashboard has specified there is an issue which is being looked into it. It is yet to be known whether the issue is being faced by those who are using older version of GTalk or the new Google Hangout. Exercising a little caution would be prudent in this case wherein the users will need to keep a check on the message if they are not supposed to be read by any other person than the one intended.

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