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Major News and Events of 27 June 2013

What Happened on 27 June 2013

Mass cremation at Kedarnath, rescue operation on in Uttarakhand

18 bodies were cremated today in Kedarnath after the formalities like DNA sample preservation and postmortem were completed. Teams of doctors, police, forensic experts as well as priests had been flown to Kedarnath.

Army Engineers today made a steel bridge over the river Alaknanda at Lambagar. 500 people have been evacuated from Harsil and 800 from Badrinath. This was done through air while some people also moved on foot.

As per figures, at present, around 400 people remain to be evacuated from Harsil and 3,000 from Badrinath. Bad weather hampered the rescue and relief operation and choppers could not be flown to Badrinath where the maximum pilgrims are stuck.

A mild intensity earthquake of 3.8 on the Richter scale occurred at Pithoragarh causing no harm to life. 1,00,000 persons have been rescued by the armed forces in Uttarakhand till now in one of the greatest human rescue operation in the country by the armed forced with 8,600 soldiers deployed for the purpose.

Two girls raped in a moving car in Gurgaon

In a daring incident, two girls were raped in a moving car in Gurgaon by men whose identities could not be confirmed yet.

The rape victims registered a complaint in which they stated they were given a lift after they came out of a party at a Gurgaon pub. They boarded the car from MG Road to Delhi. When they had travelled to some distance, two more men got into the car.

The girls in their statement have said that the men took turns raping them. The police said the medical examination confirmed rape. Steps are being taken to arrest the men.

Current account deficit stands at 4.8% of the GDP

The current account deficit of the country increased more and stood at 4.8% of the GDP in the fiscal that ended on March 31. The reason was heavy gold imports and oil and exports which were slow.

The deficit was $87.8 billion in 2012-13 compared to $78.2 billion last year. Increasing trade deficit coupled with hidden earnings added to the current account deficit as per RBI’s data. The deteriorating situation got some breather when the situation got better in the fourth quarter.

In the January to March quarter, the current account deficit was 3.6% of the GDP which had reached 6.7% in the previous quarter. In fact, this acted as some support to the ever declining value of the rupee which on Wednesday plummeted to 60.76 against the dollar.

Huge participation in Asian Meet

20th Asian athletics championships will find huge participation by athletes and nations. The championship will be hosted in Pune from July 3 to 7. The dates coincide with the 40th year of the Asian Athletics Association (AAA). There have been entries received from 43 out of the 45 member nations.

The championship will see 580 athletes that include 220 women. India will have 108-member team as there were maximum entries. The championship was earlier held in New Delhi in 1989. The list of participants at present does not the ones from Laos and Turkmenistan but it was stated that initiatives are being taken to confirm their participation.

Dhanush and Sonam to shoot for a beauty soap

Dhanush was stunned when he was asked to endorse a beauty soap, but it was Sonam Kapoor who persuaded him to opt for it.

Dhanush, with his unconventional looks, never expected to get this offer where he would be shooting for a Lux ad with Sonam.

This can be attributed to the success of Ranjhanaa where the unusual pair was appreciated by the audience.

Free Zone for users offered by Airtel in collaboration with Google

Airtel, in collaboration with Google, will offer a free zone to the mobile users wherein they can check Gmail, Google+ and search Google.

The users, when navigating away from their emails and going to links, would be charged for the same. Similarly, when attachments are downloaded, the users will have to pay charges.

When the users search Google, the first page of the site will be without any cost. However, once they go to other pages, they will notified that it will be chargeable and they would be asked to choose a plan for the same.

Airtel hopes to position this in a big way in a market which has predominance of feature phones, and this would enable users to explore more of the internet world.

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