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Major News and Events of 28 March 2014

What Happened on 28 March 2014

IAF C-130J Super Hercules aircraft crashes killing crew members

In an accident the new transport plane of IAF, C-130J Super Hercules crashed killing all the five crew members. The plane which was designed for transport crashed 115 km away from Gwalior airbase. Among the five members killed were two Wing Commanders and two Squadron Leaders. The plane started from Agra at 10 am for regular training operation. A court of inquiry has been initiated by the IAF. IAF has sent in officers at the crash site. Six C-130J Super Hercules aircraft was bought from the US at Rs 6,000 crore 4 years back and were incorporated in the IAF. The incident is quite strange as the aircraft is designed to fly even in difficult situations like short airfields and even without lights and is the safest aircraft around.

Congress candidate from Saharanpur speaks of chopping Modi into pieces


Election fever has not only caught on with everyone, it seems now the words are there to burn as well. This time the Congress candidate from Saharanpur, Imran Masood has stated of chopping Modi into pieces if he tried to transform UP into Gujarat. The video which shows him speaking these inflammatory words at a rally in Saharanpur has gone viral. A case has been filed against Masood at Devbad police station. In the rally Masood stated that if Midi tried to transform Uttar Pradesh into Gujarat he would be chopped in small pieces. Masood also spoke that he was not afraid of anyone and specified that Modi thought of UP as Gujarat whereas here there were 44% Muslims unlike Gujarat having only 4%. Later on though he apologized and stated he should have been more careful of what he was saying and the utterance was in the heat of campaigning for elections. The CD containing the speech has been given to the Election Commission. BJP demanded Election Commission should take strict action on this and the party will be filing an official complaint with the commission on Saturday.

Gavaskar made the interim president of BCCI, to be in charge of the IPL,CSK RR allowed to play

Sunil Gavaskar was today declared the interim president of the BCCI in place of N. Srinivasan. It was also specified that he would be looking after the 7th edition of the IPL that begins from April 16 in UAE and that rest of the responsibility will be held by vice president Shivlal Yadav. Court also mentioned that there will be sufficient compensation to Gavaskar for this and that he would not be now the cricket commentator on BCCI’s contract. All the members associated with Srinivasan's India Cements company, who is the owner of Chennai Super Kings, were restricted from operating in the BCCI though Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were given permission to play in the IPL.

Nuclear enabled Prithvi-II surface-to-surface missile test fired successfully

The successful test firing of the nuclear enabled Prithvi-II surface-to-surface missile was done from the Integrated Test Range at Chandipur in Odisha’s Balasore district at a distance of 230 km from Bhubaneswar. The test was carried on by Strategic Forces Command (SFC) of the Indian Army as part of the routine training exercise. Prithvi one of the five missiles which are part of Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme has been the first ballistic missile built indigenously. The missile has a flight duration of 483 seconds and can reach an altitude of 43.5 km and is capable of transporting 500-kg of warhead. It can reach the target in few meters of precision and has capability of dodging anti-ballistic missiles. It is more deadly than other missiles in the world.

Facebook delves in the idea of beaming internet through drones

Facebook wants the world to be connected to the web, most importantly use Facebook. The pressing problem in this dream is that many parts of the world are not connected through internet. For this there is a novel initiative which is internet will be beamed from the sky though drones., the company in which Facebook has partnership along with other tech companies, is already doing the experiments for this. was launched with the vision of providing low cost internet. The team which is looking into the options through which internet will be transmitted through the drones is part of the Connectivity Lab, a new department in Solar powered drone is one of the options. In fact Google has also delved in the idea of hot air balloons transmitting internet to the remote areas still untouched with the power of internet.

Country's first rooftop football field in Mumbai

Commercialization is taking new form everyday and businesses are adopting ways to attract consumers by giving them something unique. Till date football was a game of ground but what if someone tried to take it higher. Now football fans can enjoy the game in mini football field up on a rooftop of a movie complex. This will be country’s first rooftop mini-football field which was unveiled at Big Cinemas IMAX in Wadala. The game will be played between two teams of six players each. The field was constructed by Futsal Sporting Venture Association in collaboration with Big Cinemas IMAX Wadala. The arena has the playing ground of 6,000 sq. feet and the spectator area is 1,500 sq. feet. What’s more, it has got the certification of FIFA. The ground has synthetic grass and is lighted through floodlights.

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