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Major News and Events of 30 April 2014

What Happened on 30 April 2014

EC orders police enquiry against Modi


The Election Commission has ordered FIR against Narendra Modi as per the media reports. He is said to have flashed the BJP party symbol lotus after he cast his vote and even addressed the media. EC took this as an attempt to influence the voters which any candidate cannot do within 100m of the polling station. Congress had filed the complaint regarding this.

Mobile water purifier by Eureka Forbes

Now people can have purified water even when one is travelling. Eureka Forbes have launched the mobile water purifier in the form of a sipper as per media reports. This is the first of its kind in India. In this sipper the water passes through different layers of nano sized positive media which obstructs the negative impurities.

89 constituencies went to polls today in the 7th phase of Lok Sabha elections


In the 7th phase of polling for the Lok Sabha elections, millions exercised their voting rights for 1295 candidates in the fray. The constituencies of Sonia Gandi that is Rae Bareli, Lucknow for Rajnath Singh, Vadodara for Narendra Modi were among the 89 constituencies where polling happened. Telangana also went to polls today for electing the legislature of the proposed state.

India edges past Japan and is 3rd largest economy


The World Bank data specifies that India is now the 3rd largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity or PPP and has edged past Japan in this according to reports in the media. Congress has used this fact to hit at BJP which has been stating that under achievement had become part of India in the recent times.

Sensex dips by 48 points

Sensex traded flat today and ended 48 points down as stocks of metal, capital goods and consumer durables fell as per the media reports. On the other hand the NSE also closed around 18 points down. This is the 4th consecutive session when the markets have shown downward journey.

Declare the results of elections of Rajasthan Cricket Association: SC

The Supreme Court had ordered that the election results of the Rajasthan Cricket Association which took place in December 2013 should be brought out by May 6. This election has become debatable as in this ex IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi was also in the run for the presidentship as per the media reports. Court also stated that anyone having issues with the results can take it up before a relevant authority.

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