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Major News and Events of 31 May 2014

What Happened on 31 May 2014

Digvijaya Singh attacks BJP over suspension of DU officials

The political grapevine surrounding Smriti Irani's educational qualifications also saw Congress leader Digvijaya Singh jumping in. Attacking the BJP over suspension of the five DU officials who reportedly leaked confidential papers related to Irani's qualification, Singh raised questions on transparency within the BJP government. As per media reports, he tweeted, "Achhe din aa gaye hain (Better days have come). Would anyone stand up for the suspended officials of the Delhi University?"

Irani, meanwhile, has been calm amidst all this sound and fury. She has asked the people to judge her not by her qualifications but her work, adding that the Congress party was muddying waters for no reason.

100 million Indians switched mobile networks

As per data released by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the facility of mobile number portability saw as many as 100 million subscribers to date. The service has been in operation for about 3.5 years now. Also, the number of applications rejected by the source network has come down from 40% to 11%, meaning that changing your mobile network is now more hassle-free. 

In another development, portability for corporate identities is scheduled to get underway this year. Once implemented, this scheme will allow companies to switch their network providers once they have the necessary authorisation.

Fifth accused arrested in UP gang-rape case

The UP police have arrested the fifth accused in the Badaun gang-rape case, as per media reports. Two of the accused are still to be nabbed. The case of the gang-rape and murder of two young girls in UP has received unprecedented attention, causing embarrassment for the government. The families of the victims had said that the police had initially refused to cooperate with them, which has raised questions over the state of law and order in UP. Interestingly, two of the policemen have also been arrested under criminal conspiracy.

Wasps give insight into robotic surgery

The Indian Institute of Science may soon develop a novel technique for robotic surgery. The inspiration for this comes from observing the life cycle of wasps, as per media reports. The researchers at IISc have discovered that wasps lay eggs on fruits by sawing into them with the help of their egg-laying parts. Further study revealed these parts to have teeth that resemble that of a saw, and a fine coating of zinc that lends hardness. Wasps thus create a natural drilling machine of sorts, which can be replicated in surgery robots. The finding was published in the institute's Journal of Experimental Biology.

GDP growth 4.6% in FY14

In the financial year gone by, the country's GDP growth was lagging at 4.6%, as per data released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO). For a country that is seen as an emerging economic powerhouse, this is hardly encouraging. Part of the blame for the poor GDP goes to low overall demand, and part to the policy paralysis that has come to identify India in the last two government terms. During this time, the manufacturing sector shrank by about 0.7%. 

Numbers such as these confirm that the Modi government has an uphill task ahead. Given Modi's pro-development image, however, the nation remains hopeful.

I was misquoted: Parineeti Chopra

Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra has said that she was misquoted in the context of working with the Khans. Reportedly, she had said in a magazine interview that she had no plans of working with any of the Khans of the industry as it would leave no room for her in the movie. As per media reports, she has clarified int he following words: "I was asked if I was offered a film with senior actors. To that I answered, 'Yes, I have been offered those films but I didn't have much to do, so I did chose not to do'. I did not specifically take anybody's name."

Kings XI storm into the finals of IPL 2014

It was the Kings XI's day all the way yesterday, as the team powered its way into the finals of the IPL 2014. It will now take on the Kolkata Knight Riders, which will decide the winner of this year's IPL. Yesterday's match saw the Chennai Super Kings lacking in bowling acumen, as Sehwag slammed a whopping 122 off 58 balls, helping the Kings post an impossible-looking total of 226. In return, the Chennai were off to a superb start but regular fall of wickets kept the brakes on, and the team ended up making only 202.

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