Geography of Cuttack

A study about the geography of Cuttack reveals that the city is located at 20°30' North Latitude and 85°49' 60'' East Longitude. The city is located at an elevation of 36 meters above the sea level. The physiography of Cuttack elucidates that the city is situated at the apex of the delta formed by Mahanadi and Kathajodi, the two important rivers flowing through the territory.

The geography of Cuttack also reveals that the city has a tropical climate. The weather of the city remains hot and humid during the summer months (March to June); whereas, the temperature become cold during the winters. The city experiences monsoon season between July and August. Cuttack experiences about 144.39 centimeters of rainfall during the monsoons. The city experiences a moderate climate between mid-January and mid-March. During this period, the climate of Cuttack remains very pleasant. Tourists willing to visit the city can plan their tour during this period.

Given below is some of the geographical information about Cuttack:
  • Latitude - 20°30' North latitude
  • Longitude - 85°49' 60'' East longitude
  • Altitude - 36 meters
  • Time Zone - UTC+5:30
  • Maximum Summer Temperature - 40°C
  • Minimum Summer Temperature - 25°C
  • Maximum Winter Temperature - 16°C
  • Minimum Winter Temperature - 10°C
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Last Updated on 30 August 2012