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Cuttack is a city situated in Orissa. It is the commercial capital of the state of Orissa in India. It is situated at the edge of the delta formed by the River Mahanadi. Cuttack gets its name from the word Kataka which means "The Fort".Named after the popular ancient fort of Barabati, the city spans across an area of 398 km.

Cuttack was established in the year 989 CE. It was the most important city and the former capital of the then Odisha for more than thousand years. Bhubaneswar was made the capital of the state in 1948, until then it was Cuttack that was the seat of government and capital of Orissa. Today both Cuttack and Bhubaneswar are referred to as twin cities.

Cuttack is known all across the country for its famous and extraordinary silver filigree work.
A large number of tourist visit Cuttack for its many temples and other historical monuments. Cuttack in the last one decade has also emerged as an important commercial area.

Tourist Attractions in Cuttack

Below is a list of some of the popular Tourist Attractions in Cuttack :

Barabati Fort

Barabati Fort is one of the finest tourist attractions in Orissa. It is located in the western part of Cuttack on the banks of the Mahanadi River. The fort was constructed in the early 11th century and later refurbished in the 14th century. It occupies an area of 102 acres and is believed to be one of the most royal structures situated in this part of the country. Built out of laterite and sandstone, the Barabati Fort is an absolute delight to the archeologically inclined. The fort has elaborate gateways which are adorned with intricate carvings and embellishments. Today the fort has been converted into a stadium that has a seating capacity of almost 30,000 persons.

Kadam Rasool

Kadam Rasool is one of the most sought after holy shrines in Cuttack. It is a popular mosque situated in the old quarters of Cuttack. The mosque has a number of beautiful domes and covers an area of 57 acres. It is believed that the mosque dates back to the early eighteenth century. The mosque is named so because it preserves the footprints of Prophet Mohammad. It is a one stop destination for many Muslims in the country and across the world. Kadam Rasool is also one of the greatest precedents of Indo-Islamic architecture.

Stone Revetments

This is also another striking piece of architectural brilliance in Cuttack. The Stone Revetments were constructed on the banks of the Mahanadi River by Marakata Keshari in the early eleventh century. These revetments were built to protect the city during floods. The barricade makes one wonder about the intelligence and architectural brilliance of the engineers of the country even so long back.

Chandi Temple

The Chandi Temple is also a prime attraction in Cuttack. Dedicated to Goddess Durga also known as Chandi, this temple draws devout devotees from all corners of the country. The temple has brilliantly carved gateways and interiors that speak volumes about the architectural ability of the country even centuries back.

Accommodation in Cuttack

In order to provide comfortable accommodation to all its leisure and business tourist Cuttack has several hotels that have proved to be ultimate in comfort over the years. Some of the popular hotels in Cuttack are:

  • Hotel Ashoka
    Ice Factory Road
    College Square, Cuttack-3
    Phone: 2647509/2647412
  • Hotel Dwarika
    Bajrakabati Road, Cuttack-1
    Phone: 2421345/2422220
  • Hotel Suryakiran
    Cantonment Road
    Phone: 234078/2307162
  • Hotel Lords
    Haripur Road
    Phone: 2422050
  • Hotel Sagarshree
    Phone: 2430251/2433132/2429037
  • Bombay Hotel
    Ice Factory Road
    Phone: 2649009 to 18

How to Reach Cuttack?

  • By Air
    The nearest airport to Cuttack is the Biju Patnaik Airport of Bhubaneswar. There are numerous domestic and international flights that connect the city with most of the major cities of India, like Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Visakhapatnam.

  • By Rail/Train
    Cuttack has a strong and well defined rail network. The Cuttack Railway Station falls on the Howrah-Chennai mainline. There are several trains that travel to Cuttack from most of the Indian cities and towns. The Cuttack railway station is a fully developed station that has a number of food courts shopping plaza and book stores.

  • By Road
    Cuttack shares an excellent road network with all the major Indian cities and towns. The city is connected with quite a few National and state highways. The National Highway 5 passes through Cuttack. NH5 runs from Chennai to Kolkata. The Feeder state highways also connects Cuttack to cities like; Jajpur, Talcher, Paradeep, Angul and nearby towns in Cuttack district. Cuttack is also home to one of the largest bus stations in the country.
Distance to Cuttack
  • From bhubaneswar - 25 KM
  • From kolkata - 416 KM
  • From chennai - 1260 KM
  • From mumbai - 1482 KM
  • From jamshedpur - 369 KM
  • From delhi - 1720 KM
Cuttack Distance Chart

Last Updated on: February 7, 2014