Computer Software Module

Computer Software Module:

The GIS software includes the programs and the user interface for driving the hardware. GIS software is essential to generate, store, analyze, manipulate and display geographic information or data. A good GIS software requires user friendliness, functionalities, compatibilities, updatability, documentation, costeffectivness. The following is a list of GIS software producers and their main products.
  • Environmental Systems Research Institute ( ESRI ): ArcInfo, ArcView.
  • Autodesk: AutoCAD Map
  • Clark Labs: IDRISI
  • International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences: ILWIS
  • Mapinfo Corporation: Mapinfo.
  • Bentley Systems: Microstation.
  • PCI Geomatics: PAMAP
  • TYDAC Inc. : SPANS
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Last Updated on 28 September 2012