Gwalior Culture

The Gwalior culture reflects the rich tradition, history and heritage the city boasts of. The Gwalior City of Madhya Pradesh has witnessed many historical and cultural movements. The city takes pride in its rich tradition of art and music. The Gwalior Gharana or the Gwalior school of music is mentioned with immense respect in the context of Indian classical music. The Gwalior Gharana of Khayal songs became popular during the reign of Great Akbar.

With the presence of several standard art galleries and many well known artists of past and present in the city, Gwalior Art has always been talked about. The Gwalior Culture is an excellent amalgamation of the Braj and Bundeli cultures. The region takes pride in its folk music and dances. The poems of the folk poets are still an integral part of the Gwalior culture. Poems and songs written by poets like Jagnik and Ghag are still sung by the music lovers of the area.

The tribal people in around Gwalior have some wonderful dances like the Lur dance, Dul-Dul Ghodi dance, Lanhgi, Ada- Khada dance, Raya dance, Ahiri dance etc. The vibrant and colorful festivals constitute an important part in the culture of the city. Festivals such as the Tansen Festival is celebrated and organized with great fervor. To know more about the culture of Gwalior, please visit the below mentioned links:

Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012