Gwalior Information

Gwalior information include a list of the important telephone numbers that might be of use at times of emergencies. Information about Gwalior helps the residents, as well as the tourists of Gwalior, to know more about the territory.

To begin with, it can be said that information about Gwalior provides a vivid estimate of all the major hospitals and nursing homes in Gwalior. The hospitals and nursing homes at Gwalior are among the best hospitals in Madhya Pradesh that are known for their therapeutical services. Among the best hospitals and nursing homes of Gwalior that deserve special mention in this context are:
  • Kamalaraja Hospital
  • Morar Hospital
  • J A Hospital
  • T B Hospital
  • Gwalior Hospital
  • Thatipur Hospital

    Besides, information about Gwalior also include pin codes and other miscellaneous information about the city. The emergency services available in the city also form an important of Gwalior information. An estimate of the important telephone numbers of Gwalior are:
    • Police:
      • Police Control Room - 2445222.
    • Fire Brigade:
      • Dabra Fire Brigade - 957524-222777.
    • Railway Station:
      • Railway Reservation - 135, 136.
      • Regional Manager - 2422500.
      • Enquiry - 131, 132, 133, 2346903.
    • Income Tax Officer:
      • Commissioner - 2231911.
      • Joint Commissioner - 2230910.
      • Deputy Commissioner - 2340149.
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    Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012