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I climbed Naina Peak to get the best view of Nainital. I don’t know how much some images are worth but when you know that no other means would suffice than you do what you have got to do. Everyone who have climbed Naina Peak would agree that it offers …Continue Reading →
I arrived at the Lake town on a summer morning after having boarded a bus from Delhi the previous night. From Haldwani, the road began to spiral up the hills. This stretch of road just before reaching Nainital is the most precarious, with so many stern ravines; and a road …Continue Reading →
Nuh is a town 45 km from Gurgaon and also the district headquarter of Mewat district in Haryana. In the olden times it was known for manufacturing salt. The town is sprawled on the foothill of Arravali Range. There are some beautiful sites like the Chui Mal’s water tank and …Continue Reading →
Northeast India is shrouded in mystery, being one of the least visited places in the country. But thanks to the efforts of the respective state governments, tourism has slowly blossomed in the last decade. The majority of the Northeast is inhabited by tribals with distinct culture and traditions. That in …Continue Reading →
  Kashmir is unparalleled in terms of scenic beauty. There’s no place as beautiful and vibrant as Kashmir. In summer the snow melts, the hills become green, and flower blossoms fill the parks, gardens and hillsides. In winter the snow adds a new charm. In summer, the great plains of …Continue Reading →
Gangtok is arguably the most tourist-friendly place in the Northeast. It is inhabited mostly by communities like the Nepalis, the Lepchas, the Bhutias and the Tibetans. This blending of various people and their cultures has made Gangtok more colourful and its people more tolerant to outsiders. My first impression of …Continue Reading →
The dominant religion in Sikkim is Buddhism, and the culture reflects that facet. Monasteries here are not just beautiful but serene as well. In Gangtok, monasteries are an important part of the culture and a big tourist attraction.   Some important monasteries in Gangtok are:     Enchey Monastery The …Continue Reading →
Vrindavan is around 12 km from Mathura and is among the holiest cities for Hindus. Though Lord Krishna was born in Mathura, he spent his childhood at Vrindavan and it was here that the stories of his divine nature became known. Krishna grew up in a community of cow herders, …Continue Reading →
Mathura is popularly know as the birthplace of Lord Krishna. It is around 50 km from Agra and 145 km from Delhi. For the Hindus, Mathura is among the holiest cities in India. It is also a temple city, and receives thousands of pilgrims each day. There are many places …Continue Reading →
We started off from Agra on a bright day, looking forward to visit the ancient city of the legendary ruler Akbar. Fatehpur Sikri is around 37 km from Agra. I boarded a local bus from the Idgah bus stop, which took just a little more than an hour to reach …Continue Reading →