Arunachal Pradesh Tour

Tawang Gompa, the second largest Gompa in Asia
Tawang Monastery or Tawang Gompa is the largest monastery in India and the second largest in Asia. It is perfectly perched on a hilltop and forms a major landmark and an attraction that draws tourists to this far flung town in Arunachal Pradesh. The gompa sits at an altitude of …Continue Reading →
Tawang main Bazaar
Tawang has a massive presence of the Indian Army. The 1962 defeat and subsequent loss of Tawang and most of Arunachal Pradesh to China, was a big jolt to the nation as a whole. Though China’s voluntary retreat has eased the tension, they have not yet taken back the claim …Continue Reading →
A Gompa in Tawang Town
China’s claim to Tawang is on the grounds that Tawang was once a province of Tibet and therefore now a part of China. The Monpa people originally from Tibet, form majority of Tawang’s population. It is surprising, but Tawang was once a prosperous province of Tibet. It supplied most of the …Continue Reading →
Tawang War Memorial
The Tawang War Memorial was built in memory of soldiers of the Indian Army who gave up their life in the 1962 Indo-Sino War. This is a fitting memorial for the greatest sacrifice anyone can offer.  Located on a slope just before reaching the main town, the Tawang War Memorial …Continue Reading →
A Monpa woman from a village arriving at Tawang Town for an annual festival
The Monpa people inhabit the Tawang and West Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh. These people follow the Gelugpa sect of Tibetan Buddism and speak the Tibeto-Burma language. The Monpa people are spread across Arunachal Pradesh in India, Bhutan and Tibet. Their numbers are highest in Tawang, where they made up …Continue Reading →
Urgelling Gompa surrounded by old trees made it more mystic and lost in time
Tawang Valley is dotted with monasteries and stupas. As soon as I entered Tawang, the first impressive sight was a serene monastery surrounded by trees on all sides.  You could spend a whole day visiting monasteries in Tawang. Among the many Gompas of Tawang, a few stood out. Urgelling Monastery …Continue Reading →
mountA mountain turned white with frozen dew drops near PTSO Lakeain-ptso-lake
Everyone dreams of a beautiful snowfall.    Tawang is a giant valley at the base of a big mountain, covered with pine trees at the lower reaches and jagged rocks on top.   PTSO Lake is around 16km ahead on a bumpy road on a peak surrounding Tawang. The lake …Continue Reading →
Tawang with the backdrop of snow covered pine canopies
Places have a way of speaking to you; sometimes so strong that you either like it or hate it instantly. But in Tawang my intrapersonal-communication senses went blank. I stayed there for four days before I could finally decide. Tawang is not like any other Indian town.   Geographically it can’t …Continue Reading →
A taxi bound for Tawang from Bomdila
Tawang is a town in the far flung North East. It is best known for China’s invasion during 1962 and the Tawang Monastery, the second largest Monastery in Asia and largest in India. Since then, India has taken steps to built better roads and infrastructure. Tawang is around 35km from …Continue Reading →
Bomdila Taxi stand and the Siphiyang Phong Hotel
After traveling for almost 13 hours and covering 269km, our bus arrived at Bomdila at around 5am. I was woken by a faint rustle at that moment when dawn began to take over from darkness. I looked out of the window and I could see the road dimly lit by …Continue Reading →