Assam Tour

The size of the tree in the middle of Jalannagar Tea Estate speaks of its age
On my ongoing North-East trip I had driven through lots of tea gardens in Darjeeling, Sikkim and Assam. Dibrugarh was the last tea town and I had the urge to see for myself the whole process of tea making before leaving for Arunachal Pradesh. I’m an avid tea drinker; not …Continue Reading →
A vehicle passing through the dense Jokai Reserve Forest
A 24 hrs ban by the ULFA kept me longer in Dibrugarh than I really wanted to. Bans are quite common in the insurgency hit states of the North East like Assam and Manipur, but nothing is as serious as a ban by a militia group; they could shoot down …Continue Reading →
Harvesters working in a paddy field near Jokai Botanical Garden at Dibrugarh
One of the best experiences of travel is slipping to the life of the locals. Sometimes it just takes nothing more than watching their daily tasks and getting to know their life better.  On my visit to Dibrugarh I landed at a small roadside village near Jokai, 12-13 km from …Continue Reading →
Sunset over the Brahmaputra River on the outskirts of Dibrugarh city
Dibrugarh was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. In my college days in Shillong, my neighbor was a friendly guy from Dibrugarh, where they owned a decent double storey building with a neat garden sprawled in front. They would occasionally go home for weddings and funerals. I …Continue Reading →
A boy strolling along the road that leads to Tocklai Tea garden
There are some places in Jorhat that remind you very strongly of its colonial past. The city is rich in history from being the capital of the Ahom Kingdom in the 18th century to the later advent of the British rule. During the Ahom reign, the Burmese people invaded Jorhat …Continue Reading →
Passengers on top of a ferry on the way to Majuli
I had ocean on my mind as I stood on the banks of Brahmaputra River. It is just massive and dictates the course of thousands of people living on its banks.   A large escort group accompanying Union Minister of Tribal Affairs drove up at Nimati Ghat while I was waiting …Continue Reading →
A quiet Nimati Ghat just after sunrise
There’s nothing quite like morning light!  At 5am I watched the horizon from a small balcony in Hotel Paradise. Coconut and betel nut trees created silhouettes against the pink sky. Any minute the sun would germinate from the mountains and I wanted to be at Nimati Ghat before sunrise.    …Continue Reading →
AT Road and the main bazaar of Jorhat at dusk
Jorhat is located 303 km from Guwahati and the Guwahati-Jorhat highway passes through the popular Kazinranga National Park. It is around 8-9 hours drive from Guwahati.    I boarded a bus from Kohora Village (Kaziranga National Park) to Jorhat. There were no tickets counters so the easiest way to board …Continue Reading →
Entrance to the Jeep Safari counter at Kohora village
Just opposite the main gate of Kaziranga National Park a gate with black Rhinos on both sides leads you straight to the jeep safari counter. The straight narrow road is surrounded by tea gardens on both sides and there are few guest houses nearby and a souvenir cum coffee shop. …Continue Reading →
Visitors stand outside the Elephat Safari ticket counter at Western Range
After arriving late at night at Kohora Village, my guest house owner asked me if I was interested in an Elephant Safari, I told him I was all for it. It fact riding on an elephant’s back was the closest one could get to any animal. He told me that …Continue Reading →