Darjeeling Tour

A lazzy bear leaning on a log
I believe that Hill Stations like Darjeeling can be best enjoyed by walking. The roads are clean and lined with Japanese pine trees. You could make the best out of its beauty by walking. Though Darjeeling is not a big town in West Bengal, the elevation and deep slopes make …Continue Reading →
The engines getting warmed up
The train hissed and blared. Thick clumps of sooty smoke emerged from the engine. The train shook and swerved. The old engine came back to life. At around 6pm each morning I would walk to the train station. It was a great place to start my day. Locals came there …Continue Reading →
Tourists gather at Tiger Hill to watch the sunrise and Kanchendzonga
I’ve seen more sunsets than sunrises in Delhi. Actually, I have never got up early just to see the sunrise. The Delhi heat keeps you awake late into the night and you get up just in time for work. But in the mountains, you simply have to wake up to …Continue Reading →
Tea garden in Darjeeling
Darjeeling is synonymous with tea. Predominantly, it was a tea town before it became a tourist destination. Like most Hill Stations it was popularized by the British. They found Darjeeling the right place to set up a sanatorium and a military depot during the mid 19th century. Tea was introduced …Continue Reading →
Marigold plants in full blossom on a rooftop with the backdrop of Kanchendzonga Mountains
After reeling 28 hours on the Rajdhani train halted at New Jalpaiguri a small district in West Bengal much to my relief. Roughly speaking it is the end of the great plains of India and the beginning of the reign of mountains. At around 2pm I was in a taxi …Continue Reading →