Mammit is the headquarter of Mammit district on the western side of Mizoram
  Mammit is 112 kms from Aizawl. But it’s not as close as it looks.  It is at least a 6 hours’ ride from Aizawl.   Mammit town is the district headquarter of Mammit district. It borders with Assam to the north and Tripura to the west. Vehicles going to …Continue Reading →
Beautiful hillside surrounding Thenzawl are a favourite place for picnics
Located 52 kms to the south of Aizawl, Thenzawl is a beautiful village set in a small valley between green hills. It is also known for its beautiful, handloom products. Owing to its lower altitude, Thenzawl is much warmer than Aizawl.     My visit to Thenzawl was a quick …Continue Reading →
Hmuifang Tourist Resort
  Hmuifang Tourist Resort is an ideal getaway for a secluded weekend, in the midst of scenic beauty. It is one of the most popular Resorts around Aizawl. The resort sits on top of the peak, thick virgin forest hemming on all sides. Beautiful cottages with green roofs lay dispersed …Continue Reading →
Vehicles on the way to Hmuifang
  Hmuifang Park is soon becoming a popular destination among the Mizos and outsiders alike. Located 50 kms from Aizawl on the Aizawl to Tenzawl road, it is at an elevation of 1,619 metres above sea level. Hmuifang is a higher point, almost midway between Aizawl and Tenzawl. From Hmuifang, …Continue Reading →
A traditional Mizo hut at Typical Mizo Village
    The Mizo Village is a non-residential village built on on the outskirts of Reiek, 35 kms from Aizawl to showcase the traditional Mizo life, which is fast becoming a thing of the past.   It is like a museum of the ancient Mizo way of life. The Mizo …Continue Reading →
Visitors at Reiek, who gave me a free ride to Aizawl
  I was walking up to the top of the cliff, when I saw a Mizo family walk down. The mother asked me something in Mizo with a smile doused all over her face. I just smiled and said I’m not a Mizo. At that, she got embarrassed and apologized. …Continue Reading →
A footpath that leads up to the Reiek peak
The Reiek Hill is one of the highest in North Mizoram. It is around 35 kms from Aizawl. After driving for half an hour, we passed Tlawng River – one of the longest rivers in Mizoram. Huge amount of water gets pumped up from the river to Aizawl. The road …Continue Reading →
Tamdil Lake is around 85kms from Aizawl
    Tamdil Lake offers an ideal place to be in the lap of nature. Nature always has a healing touch and a reclusive spot like this – away from the crowd and yet easily accessible by road – is an ideal place to be for any traveller.   The …Continue Reading →
Houses at Saitual Town surrounded by green forests
  Located around 80 kms from Aizawl, Saitual is a small town east of Aizawl. It is a modern Mizo village. As of 2001 census, there are more than 10,000 residents at Saitual. Saitual is a popular stopover for people going to Tamdil Lake, just 10 kms from the town. …Continue Reading →
Vegetable market at Bara Bazaar, Aizawl
Aizawl hit me as a charming and modern city. As a traveler, I’m more keen on people’s culture than visiting just beautiful places. There are not many places to visit in the city but Aizawl is a much happening place but apart from that the city also stand out on …Continue Reading →