Ujjanta Palace in Agartala
Northeast India is shrouded in mystery, being one of the least visited places in the country. But thanks to the efforts of the respective state governments, tourism has slowly blossomed in the last decade. The majority of the Northeast is inhabited by tribals with distinct culture and traditions. That in …Continue Reading →
Government run taxis and city buses are the new addition to city's transport system
It was nostalgic to come back to Shillong after four years and run into this old chanawalla. But my feelings hinged more towards sadness, I would have imagined his life getting better, instead of having to walk the streets of Shillong over and over again, carrying a glass container with …Continue Reading →
Entrance to Thangkarang Park
So on a normal day trip to Sohra, this is as far as you go. Here the mountains end bluntly as if chopped off by a giant knife. It looks like the end of one world and the beginning of another; this is true in more than one sense. Spread …Continue Reading →
Eco Park in autumn
Just a few kilometers from the main town of Cherapunji is the Eco Park- a unique Park on the edge of a cliff. Set up not too long ago, it looks more like an effort to tap the natural beauty of the plateau and the blunt cliff which offers stunning …Continue Reading →
The lush lawns and pine trees at the Golf Course
Golf Link in Shillong was the first 18-hole golf course in India. But it is not just for people who can swing the golf club; it is open to common people as well. The extraordinary beauty of the place invites not just golfers but everyone who cares about beauty. It …Continue Reading →
Reflection of the sky and surrounding buildings on a pool at Lady Hyari Park
 The most important feature and the first thing you’ll notice as you enter this park is that it is designed in a Japanese garden style. The landscape dotted with small ponds, rhododendron plants and willow trees with its leaves almost touching the ground are all unmistakably Japanese inspired. The park …Continue Reading →
View of Ward's Lake and its surrounding
Ward’s Lake is a refreshing pool surrounded by beautiful gardens in the heart of the city. The serene lake and the cool shades of trees around it, makes it a nice spot for sightseeing and boating. As the name suggest, it is a lake surrounded by patch of land with …Continue Reading →
The Cathedral of Shillong
The Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians, also simply known as the Cathedral, is the seat of the Bishop of Shillong and was built over 50 years ago. This blue building has become an important landmark of the city and for a state with a Christian population of more than …Continue Reading →
First step of Elephant Falls seen through trees
Near Shillong’s highest Peak, (i.e Shillong Peak) a small road deviates a little further to the edge of the mountain. Out of nowhere, a stream rises from the higher plateau and sloshes downstream, running on rocks forming the Elephant Falls. These falls are just 12km from Shillong and few minutes …Continue Reading →
Families and relatives cleaning up the graves at daytime
                        On November 2nd each year, graves come alive with lights and colors. It is All Souls Day, a day (and night) to commemorate the departed souls. It is solemn and at the same time festive.   I spent …Continue Reading →