Cherry Blossoms in Shillong

Cherry blossoms like flames on cherry tree
Cherry blossoms like flames on cherry tree
A man rides a bicycle under a Cherry tree at Shillong
A man rides a bicycle under a Cherry tree at Shillong
A woman walk under a Cherry blossom at Wards Lake
A woman walk under a Cherry blossom at Wards Lake
Deep pink Cherry Blossoms
Deep pink Cherry Blossoms
Cherry blossoms are refreshing to look at
Cherry blossoms are refreshing to look at
Cherry blossoms lit up Shillong during the onset of winter
Cherry blossoms lit up Shillong during the onset of winter


 In Shillong, winter descends like flamingos with wings of fire on cherry trees. Pink cherry blossoms devour the town and changed the whole mood. You know winter has set in. The town looks ethereal and unreal. I had never quite noticed these before during my earlier visits. I was used to these treats. But now, returning from the scorching heat in Delhi, I’ve slowly learned to appreciate things I would otherwise have taken for granted. Many Indians traveled to foreign countries like Japan to get a glimpse of this beauty. We never realized that we had it in our our backyard. 

Cherry blossoms vary from pink, to off white pink and certainly lend tone and contrast. There are no particular places to go watch these vibrant blossoms. They are everywhere. Shillong sure looks like a beautiful damsel during this time of the year. The festive season of Christmas has just stepped in. 


As I walked through small streets and houses, I can’t help but stop and take in the beauty. Strangely, most of the locals don’t even bother to gaze or stop to admire. The locals are more concerned about the delayed blossom. Not long ago the blossom sets in by the last week of October. Now it’s been delayed by a fortnight or so. It just goes on to show that winter has set in a bit later than it should. It is one of the many side-effects of global warming. The blossom is more special because it is short lived; it heralds the arrival of a new season; winter. But as I looked at the cherry blossoms I see more spring than winter.


11 Responses to “Cherry Blossoms in Shillong”

  1. Dr. J.N.Marak says:

    Ha Jim you are right. Last year I went to Shillong in the month of November just to look at the cherry blossoms. The funniest thing was that my Khasi friend doesn’t know what is cherry blossom tree so I screamed at her. Shillong is so beautiful with the blossoms. We have such a beautiful nature just nearby and all we think about Japan or Korea or so on. I’ll go again there in November if it’s possible.

    • moitours says:

      Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. Yes, So far no effort has been made to turn this into a tourist attraction. With little effort by the Tourism Department, it could be the next big thing for Shillong.

  2. Jay says:

    What a great finding. God bless you man!

    No wonder they said that India is best.



  4. manohari says:

    i dint know we had cherry blossoms in india, im surely coming to shillong this winter… i have always loved it since i saw it bloom once in a movie… narnia part 1

  5. ajeet says:

    Hey there
    A nice peice of information
    why look at the govt for everything?
    you can start a society of chery blossom lovers
    take help of hotels in promoting this and have a cheryblossom picnic places/spots
    lot of local people will get interested in this venture
    it only needs a person like you to take off
    best of luck

  6. Dharanidhar Sahu says:

    I am thrilled to learn that cherry blossom trees are found in India so plentifully. I had entertained a desire to visit Washington DC in March and April to spend some quality time at Delta Basin on the Potomac. I do not know why they bloom in Shillong during October and November. Of all things grand and lovely cherry blossoms is one of the finest, particularly so when they bloom in hundreds of trees along the road or near a lake or river.Thanks a lot for sharing that news and these pictures.

  7. Dr Mite Lingi says:

    Hi Jim, Please share if it is possible to obtain any Cherry Blossom seed/plants in any nursery at Shillong.

    • moitours says:

      Hi Mite,
      Cherry trees are so common in Shillong. I’m not sure if any nursery would keep such a common tree for sale because one can easily get seed or sampling anywhere.
      As far as I know, Cherry trees are easy to plant. Seed can be obtained easily from the tree when the fruits become ripe. The tree sampling can be found easily anywhere in Shillong near any big cherry tree.

  8. Zaza says:

    Yes indeed,
    Shillong is an awesome place.The small,small cottages with flowers in every corner of the compound is just so breath-taking.Amazinglly beautiful.

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