Shops in front of Tripura Sundari Temple
    Tripura Sundari Temple is the holiest Hindu pilgrimage site in Tripura. The temple is more than 500 years old and is popular for being one of the 51 peethas of Hindus. The locals called it the Matabari. Maharaja Dhanya Manikya built the temple in 1501 AD, at Udaipur, …Continue Reading →
Dumboor Lake is around 115 km from Agartala
A visit to Dumboor Lake was special. It will stay in my mind as one of the most difficult and rewarding experiences of my travels.   I had almost given up! I had come so close to it. The difficult road conditions and sparse transport system were beginning to take …Continue Reading →
Rubber plantation inside Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary
¬† ¬†Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 18.53 sq. kms. The sanctuary is located 28 kms from Agartala. The Sepahijala bio-complex came to existence in 1972 to conserve and multiply the bio-diversity of the State. Since then it has found its own place and has become an important wealth …Continue Reading →
Udaipur City at Tripura is also known as Lake City
    Udaipur is the third largest city in Tripura, next to Agartala and Dharmanagar. Udaipur is known as the lake city. There are many lakes in the area. But it would be equally fitting to also call it the city of temples. The city is best known for the …Continue Reading →
A tree house at Tepania Eco Park
    Tepania Eco Park is fast becoming a favourite tourist destination in Tripura. It is located 5 kms from Udaipur, on the Udaipur-Agartala road. Established in 1995, inside Radhakishorepur Reserve Forest, the park has been upgraded over the years and it now covers an area of 155 hectares.   …Continue Reading →
Reflection of Neermahal on Rudrasagar Lake
      Neermahal literally means ‘Water Palace’. The palace is a fairytale mansion in the middle of the Rudrasagar Lake. From a distance, to me it looked as if the palace was floating on the water. Neermahal was built by Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya in 1930 as a …Continue Reading →
A statue of Jawaharlal Nehru at Nehru Park in Agartala
  Nehru Park is a small park opposite the Raj Bhavan. It was built on a small strip of land at Gorkha Basti, on the outskirts of Agartala city. From outside I didn’t make much of it. After taking an auto from the HGB road I landed there at 11 …Continue Reading →
Flowers in full blossom at Rabindra Kanan
  Rabindra Kanan is next to Raj Bhavan on the southern side. It would go unnoticed until you decided to go there. It remain hidden from the main road. I passed the road two three times without realizing it was there. It is a modest garden park sandwiched between Raj …Continue Reading →
Ujjayanta Palace lit up at twilight
  The sight of a white, grandeur building in Agartala looked misplaced at first. Standing in front of it, I could have landed in London. The architecture and design of the building was from another era but kept in a good condition. The Ujjayanta Palace served as a home to …Continue Reading →
Ujjayanta Palace is the most popular tourist attraction in Agartala
There was an air of familiarity about Agartala. If you have toured Assam you can relate the place to it. As a tourist I didn’t feel much about the place. It just looked like another city in Assam not just in terms of the place but the culture and the …Continue Reading →