Cyclone Pabuk Over Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Map of Cyclone Pabuk as on 7th Jan, 2019


The yellow warning for the cyclone-threatened Andaman and Nicobar islands has been turned to orange by the IMD (India Meteorological Department). The orange warning means there is a high likelihood of extremely bad weather. This could threaten property and life, and might also disrupt air and road travel. It also means that people should stay prepared for the calamity. Cyclone Pabuk is currently over the Andaman Sea and is moving at 20 kmph towards north-northwest. The officials are also stating that the speed could increase to 65-75 kmph. The department has advised people to go to safe places and stop all fishing operations in the region and east-central & southeast Bay of Bengal.

Cyclone Pabuk is reportedly approaching Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The IMD (India Meteorological Department) has sounded the yellow alert in its wake. It has issued a warning for the residents to stay indoors as it predicts heavy rainfalls from today’s evening. There are also indications of rough sea conditions not only for the region but also for the neighbouring areas like the Bay of Bengal. The department has also recommended complete halt on fishing in the islands and Bay of Bengal till 7 January and 8 January respectively.

The cyclone was originated in the Gulf of Thailand and is moving at a speed of 10 kmph towards the west-northwest. It is expected to lose in strength by 7-8 January.

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