Cyclonic Storm Thane over Southwest Bay of Bengal

Cyclone Thane Afftected Areas

Cyclone Thane Afftected Areas
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*Map highlights the Cyclone Thane Affected Areas. Disclaimer

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What Actually Happend?

Cyclone Thane which hit the South West coast of India on December 30th 2011 on the coast line between Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry has killed eight people. The cyclone with a wind speed of 125 km per hour was accompanied with tidal surges of up to 1.5 meters. Local residents have been confined to their homes for the past 15 days, since news of the approaching cyclone was announced. Residents of Chennai and Puducherry have said the cyclone has uprooted trees ad has resulted in power cuts and disruption of phone lines and internet connection.

Hundreds of people from fishing communities along the north coast of Tamil Nadu and the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh have been moved to relief centers till the bad weather passes. The locals are complaining that apart from providing food, the government is not doing much else in terms of providing help and information. India's cyclone season starts in April and lasts till December which causes several deaths and evacuation of thousands of people living in low lying villages and rampant destruction of property and crops.

Cyclone Warning

A very severe cyclonic storm called 'THANE' is expected to hit the southwest coast of the Bay of Bengal. The storm moved westward and lay centered at 1130 hrs IST of today, the 29th December 2011 near latitude 12.00N and longitude 82.00E, about 220 km east of Puducherry, 200 km southeast of Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and 400 km north-northeast of Trincomalee (Sri Lanka). The system is likely to move westwards and cross north Tamil Nadu coast between Nagapattinam and Chennai, close to Puducherry around early morning of 30th December 2011.

Last Updated on : 03 January 2011



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