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January 19, 2018
Vodka Diaries Movie Reviews

Cast: Kay Kay Menon, Raima Sen, Mandira Bedi, Sharib Hashmi Directed by: Kushal Srivastava. Produced by: Vishal Karkera, Vishal Raj, Kushal Srivastava, Atul Pupneja, Vivek Sudhindra, Kulshrestha Production House: K’Scope Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Vishalraj Films & Production Pvt.Ltd Written By: Vaibhav Bajpai Cinematography: Maneesh Chandra Bhatt Music: Sandesh Shandaliya, Harry Anand & Parvaaz. Genre: Thriller Plot: The movie, “Vodka Diaries”, directed by Kushal Srivastava is a suspense thriller. The story revolves around a cop ACP [...]

Exotic Animals in India

India is the abode to various animals and plant species. But due to climatic changes or human activities, some animals are on the verge of extinction. The Government of India has established 103 National Parks, 543 Wildlife Sanctuaries, 73 Conservation Reserves, and 45 Community Reserves to protect wildlife in India. To know more about some of the exotic animals found in India, check out the list below: Nilgiri Tahr Nilgiri Tahr is also known as [...]

Health benefits of jaggery

Jaggery, commonly known as Gur in Hindi, is one of the best raw sweeteners that can be easily found in the market. As Spinach is to Popeye the sailorman and Laddoo is to Bheem, jaggery is the power booster for you in winters. Jaggery has hot potency (Taseer), so it is advisable to consume it in winters. It helps in the regulation of body temperature and also detoxifies the body. Basically, Jaggery is 30-40% water, [...]

Christmas and New Year Holiday Celebration Tips

When after the culmination of an entire year’s hard work and grind you get a brief holiday, it is as relieving as refreshing. This time of the year is the beginning of a new chapter in the book of life, so one should make the most of it. Don’t just celebrate or make resolutions this year, rather act and do something productive to start your year with a bang. Here are 5 ways to make [...]