10 Skin Care Tips to Keep Your Skin Soft and Glowing in Winters

Skin Care Tips to Keep Your Skin Soft and Glowing in Winters
Essential Winter Skin Care Tips
Skin Care Tips to Keep Your Skin Soft and Glowing in Winters
Essential Winter Skin Care Tips

We love Indian winters, don’t we? This is the perfect season to show off our collection of trendy jackets, stylish boots, and scarves. Winters bring along fresh and colourful vegetables. It is the season for parties, weddings, and celebrations. Sadly, though, winters also bring along a host of skincare woes. Dry, itchy skin, cracked lips and heels, flaky scalp – the list could be endless.

We bring you a collection of top skincare tips to help you enjoy the winters and forget all about these skin troubles.

1. Stay hydrated

Despite all the excitement about fresh fruits and vegetables, hot soups and rich gravies, cakes and wine, the one essential nutrient that we tend to consume less of is water. Something about winters and the fact that we sweat less makes it seem acceptable to drink less acceptable but it is the skin that bears the brunt. Drink between 8 and 10 glasses of water each day for a healthy skin.

2. Say no to hot showers

Hot showers and baths sound great on a cold winter day. Hot water, however, strips the skin of its natural oils and leaves it dry and rough. Turn down the temperature; lukewarm water is best for your skin during the cold months. Keep the showers short and do not forget to moisturize right after.

3. Follow a face care regimen

Water dries out your skin but pollution, smog, and the dry air can cause untold damage as well. The skin on your face needs particular attention during the winter months. Wash at least thrice a day with a mild face wash, pat dry, and moisturize quickly. Avoid using cold creams and lotions meant for the body on your face. Your facial skin is sensitive and needs special care.

4. Pick the right moisturizer

Picking the right moisturizer for your skin type can be tricky but it is the secret to soft glowing skin. If your skin is naturally oily, look for a non-greasy oil free moisturizer which contains glycerin. If you have skin that tends to dry out quickly, look for a lotion or a moisturizer that contains mineral oils, lanolin, and lactic acid. If you are not sure or have a skin condition that needs special attention, you may seek the help of a dermatologist or a skin care expert to find the right product.

5. You still need the sunscreen

The sun is hardly to be seen and so you do not need the sunscreen, right? Wrong, sun or no sun, you need your sunblock. Pick a sunscreen with minimum SPF 30. Be sure to apply it before you leave home and to reapply every 2 to 3 hours. Is avoiding the outdoors an option? Again the answer is a No. The human body manufactures its Vitamin D requirement only on exposure to sunlight.

6. Pamper your hands

We do most of our work with our hands. And we tend to was our hands multiple times a day. It stands to reason that our hands lose more moisture ad tend to become rough if not wrinkly. Use a mineral based hand cream regularly to keep your hands soft and moisturized through the day.

7. Heel care is essential

the thick skin of the heels and elbows are particularly prone to drying out during the winter months. A regular heel care regimen is important during this period. Go in for regular pedicures to avoid painful cracked heels. If this is not possible regular use of anti-crack creams, foot creams, socks and footwear at home should help keep the feet soft and supple.

8. Humidify your room

Invest in a humidifier particularly for your bedroom. The use of humidifier, particularly hooking one up with the central heating system of your home, reduces the drying of your skin in winters and you are less likely to wake up with dried out patchy skin.

9. Wear protective clothing

Dry winds in the winter months tend to dry out the skin. Wear all the protective gear required to keep out the cold – jackets, scarves, caps, gloves, socks, and boots. While it may be tempting to wear all your lehangas and sarees without protective gear the cold affects the skin and also causes a host of diseases such as vascular diseases.

10. Avoid shaving regularly

If you are a man and have dreamt of sporting a beard, winter is the perfect season for this. Shaving regularly strips the skin of its moisture. If you do shave, follow it up with a moisturizing aftershave salve.

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