Easy Guide to Curly Hair Care

Easy Guide to Curly Hair Care
Easy Guide to Curly Hair Care. (Representative Image)

Curly hair girls have it tough, from easily tangled manes to not having enough products for our needs. In addition, curly hair can dry out much more quickly and need more care than straight hair.

Indian hair is unique, and so are its care techniques. While straight hair doesn’t need much time or special care, curly hair requires you to have a proper routine. There’s a fine line between soft, bouncy curls and shabby hair.

If you struggle with your hair every morning and want to find yourself a routine that nourishes and treats your tresses, here’s your guide to the perfect curly hair care.


Especially during summers, hot water can strip your hair of moisture and leave them feeling dry and brittle. Instead of using hot water to wash your hair, use cold water. It helps seal your pores, strengthening your hair and saving them from breakage. It also moisturizes and nourishes your scalp.

Choose your shampoo and conditioner wisely

All hair has different requirements. Try to stay away from generic shampoos that damage your hair or make your curls frizzy. Instead, try to find brands that cater specifically to curly hair needs. If your hair is damaged from wrong treatments, use a damage repair shampoo. You can even get your unique customised shampoo from various online brands such as Bare Anatomy.

Pre-shampoo maskĀ 

A hair mask is a great way to treat your hair and make them healthier. Use hair masks specially designed for curly, frizzy or dry hair. Leave it on for the right amount of time and use it as frequently as the product recommends. Being consistent with your hair care routine is extremely important.

Look for the right ingredients

If you’re unaware of what ingredients work for curly hair, look no further. When searching for curly hair products, check for ingredients such as

Aloe vera, Shea butter, black seed oil, onion, avocado extract, argan oil, keratin.

These few ingredients give the best results for curly hair and are readily available in various shampoo and conditioner ranges.

The right comb

A good comb is something we forget about in our hair care routines. Curly hair can be dry and easily tangled. A thin brush can make the process painful and break your hair even more. Instead, use a paddle-shaped, large brush that detangles your hair without pulling at them. Instead of buying cheap plastic ones, invest once in a good sturdy quality brush.

Heat protection

Curly hair is exceptionally prone to heat damage. Using blow dryers can make your hair frizzy and damage your curls. Let your hair dry naturally, and use leave-in creams or serums to make them smoother if you have the time. Scrunch your hair using your hands to make the curls more vibrant and bouncy.

Check for split ends

No matter what your hair type, split, ends are your hair’s worst enemies. Frequently visit the salon and get your split ends removed. To avoid excess split ends, be gentle with your hair. Do not pull at them or tie them up too tightly. Tying your hair too tightly can lead to hair breakage and even headaches. You should get your hair trimmed every three months.

Curly hair looks healthy, bouncy and enviable when taken care of. Make sure you listen to your hair’s needs and find the products that suit your requirements.