Skincare Advise For Those Who Regularly Wear Makeup

Skincare Mistakes that are Harming Your Face
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Makeup is loved by almost everyone. Makeup for some people is a passion and for many, it is a part of their daily routine. “Too much makeup is bad for your skin”- this is a myth, regular makeup or too much make may not be as harmful as it is thought to be if the skin is taken care of properly. Applying makeup and getting ready is as fun as it is exhausting to take it off again but taking off makeup is extremely important. Many people feel lazy to take off their makeup especially those who come home after any party or event. No matter what but anyone who uses even a minimal amount of any makeup product should take it off before bed or immediately after returning home.

Skincare advice for regular makeup users:

  1. The first and most important thing to do is to take off the makeup. No matter how tired or lazy you feel you should take off your makeup immediately it is no longer needed or the party is over. Take off your makeup with micellar water or makeup removing cleanser using cotton pads. After that wash your face with your regular face wash.
  2. Using a moisturizer is very important. You should use a moisturizer every time you wash your face. Makeup dehydrates the skin for which keeps the skin moisturized is very important.
  3. Scrubbing or exfoliation of the skin twice a week is essential. Using makeup often can cause whiteheads and blackheads, also open up pores. It is essential to exfoliate the skin at least twice a week.
  4. Do a patch test before going for a new brand or product to check if it suits your skin or not.
  5. Regularly clean your makeup brushes and sponges. Leftover makeup products on brushes or any other applicator can irritate the skin.
  6. Never forget your sunscreen before heading out.
  7. Go for home remedies such as homemade masks or packs, on days that you are home or have enough time to invest it in skincare.

Makeup is fun but along with it comes extra responsibilities towards the skin. Taking care of the skin that regularly wears makeup is extremely vital. Do not forget to take off the makeup and clean your face when it is no longer needed. Listed above are a few essential tips, which will help in taking care of the skin, and reduce possibilities of harm to the skin.