Look Gorgeous: Tips For Glowing Skin Before Diwali

Look Gorgeous: Tips For Glowing Skin Before Diwali
Shine like a diva this Diwali!
Look Gorgeous: Tips For Glowing Skin Before Diwali
Shine like a diva this Diwali!

Stress often gets to us at the time of festivals. For there are bills to pay, gifts to buy, places to spotlessly clean, homes to renovate, and overall make sure everything falls in place. This often leaves our skin sucked dry of glow and we end up looking exhausted and tired amid spotlessly clean and lit up surroundings.

So, let’s make a difference this time and look naturally gorgeous by following basic tips for glowing skin before Diwali and get that envied Diwali glow with ease. No need to splurge on heavy beauty treatments!

1. Do Cleansing

Looking good on a special occasion requires something special to be done at your end. Replace your regular cleansing pack with turmeric, rose water, a saffron face wash, sandalwood paste, and honey. This is a road that leads straight to a naturally glowing skin.

2. Take Sauna

Now is just about the right time to do sauna before Diwali. Clean pores are a recipe for a beautiful skin. Take a large vessel with boiling water. Pour in a few drops of an essential oil. Get the brim and your face completely covered by a thick towel. Allow steam to wash all over your face. Then, wipe off to find a clearer skin.

3. Scrubbing

Nothing substitutes the scrubbing. Unveil the fresh skin lying beneath the layer of dead cells on your face. Find an organic scrub or one which doesn’t contain plastic microbeads, and get closer to a lovely skin.

4. Apply Face Pack

In case you are in rush for a party and couldn’t manage to get the necessary beauty treatments, use a face pack which is an instant way to renew your skin and feel fresh. However, the choice of the face pack depends a lot on the skin type. Consider the following face pack type according to your face texture…

A. For Dry Skin: Use Banana Honey Face Pack

Overripe bananas can be put to a great use in this pack. Blend them to create a paste, and add a few drops of honey. Gently apply it on your face and wash off after 15 minutes. The mixture provides you the necessary moisture your skin needs. Soft and supple skin is all yours in a matter of minutes.

B. For Normal Skin: Use Tomato Honey Face Pack

Mash a tomato with 1 spoon of honey. Apply on and leave for 15 minutes. Wash off to get a glowing smooth skin.

C. For Oily Skin: Use Tomato Lemon Juice Face Pack

Lemon and tomato are natural bleaching agents and fight the oiliness of the skin. Mash them up together wash it off after leaving for 15 minutes.

5. Hydrate your skin

Nothing says fresh better than a hydrated face. Take a bowl of cold water and add some drops of eucalyptus oil. Apply the towel soaked in the mixture on your face. This will affect the moisture to get sealed, leaving behind a hydrated nurtured skin. While you’re at it, why not hydrate from within as well? When the festival is around, give up binging on oily and fried foods. And, include lots and lots of water in your diet. Your skin will healthily glow.

6. Exfoliate

Never ever stop exfoliation. An exfoliator which contains alpha hydroxyl acids, like glycolic acid, are great for skin. Natural exfoliators, like sugar, almond meal, gram flour, yoghurt, and coffee grounds also work like a charm. And remember to moisturise your skin after you’re done.

7. Carry out the Work-out

It’s inevitable that we gain weight during festivals. For there are sweets, fries, and more in the name of festivity one can’t say no to. So, rather seeing yourself bloated up in the mirror after the festival is over, better yet do not skip on your gym regime at all. This will also improve the quality of your hair and skin.

8. Level up Your Vitamin C

Fancy bright skin? Then, vitamin C is what you can count on. Eat citrus fruits like orange, berries broccolis etc. Also, go for skincare products which have liquorice, mulberry, bearberry, peptides, and Vitamin C. Glowing has never been this easy.

Do you have some other beauty tricks up your sleeves? Do tell us in the comment section below.