Top 7 Best Self-Care YouTube Videos to Watch During COVID-19 Lockdown

Top 7 Best Self Care YouTube Videos to Check during COVID-19 Coronavirus Quarantine
An ultimate quarantine self-care guide
Top 7 Best Self Care YouTube Videos to Check during COVID-19 Coronavirus Quarantine
An ultimate quarantine self-care guide

The COVID-19 pandemic has locked us all inside our houses, locked away from everything outside. This forceful physical distancing is meant for our well-being so that we don’t get infected from the deadly coronavirus.

Whether it is schools, universities, or workplaces, everything is locked down. A vast majority of the workforce (especially those working in the IT & ITES sector) is working from their homes.

We take care of our parents/spouses/partners and also the bills in our daily lives. Most often, we don’t take care of ourselves. That’s important. We all know that but we tend to neglect. This unexpected lockdown has given us the opportunity to take care of ourselves and learn self-care. That’s really important.

There are innumerable YouTube videos giving tips and suggestions to self-care. But which one is effective and worth listening to?

To make your journey of self-care smooth during quarantine, here are some of the best YouTube videos that will help you understand how to take care of yourself:

1. Self Care: What It Really Is? | Susannah Winters

This is an extremely important self-care video to start with as it busts the myths surrounding the term “self-care”. In her talk at TEDxHiltonHeadWomen, Susannah Winters says that self-care is nothing to do with “wine party, Netflix binge, or pedicure social”. It is about taking care of yourself and your well-being so that you feel revitalised and get more energy. This TEDx Talk will help you understand the four important components of self-care: nourishing foods, stillness and movement, time in nature, and self-expression.

Susannah Winters is well-known sports personalities who represented the United States (as part of the USA National Kayak Team) in Sprint Kayaks at 5 World Championships and Olympic Trials in 2004 and 2008. After her retirement, she worked for Lululemon Athletica for two years (2008-10) and expanded the business across the country. Susannah is currently a hypnobirthing educator, essential oil advocate, mom, and wife. She has 10 years of experience in working for Lululemon Athletica in management, leadership development, and community outreach.


2. 15 Self-Care Ideas for Coronavirus Quarantine

Whether you are practising physical distancing or staying at home due to lockdown, this YouTube video will help you to rejuvenate. Just follow these 15 self-care “staycation” ideas during quarantine and take care of your physical and mental health. This YouTube video by Aileen (Lavendaire YouTube Channel) helps you overcome fear and panic amid COVID-19 pandemic. It helps you choose love over fear. These self-care ideas will remind you, the fact that “you can’t control what happens in the world, but you can always control how you RESPOND to it”.

Lavendaire YouTube Channel (having more than 1-million subscribers) is a self-reflecting channel by Aileen. This is her personal growth and lifestyle design channel, where she shares her knowledge and also inspires others to create a dream life. Aileen says that she has created this YouTube channel for the fearless and passionate dreamers who crave for a vibrant and brilliant life.


3. 50 Simple Self-Care Tips (For When You’re Stressed, Sad, or Uninspired)

This YouTube video on “uwodoo” YouTube Channel gives you fifty tips of self-care so that you can sail through the overwhelming times smoothly. It is especially helpful for those who are stressed, sad, or uninspired during the quarantine. This “Mental Health Life Hack” YouTube vlog will inspire you to take care of yourself and inspire you to get control of your life. Till now, this video has received more than 201,209 views.

The “uwodoo” YouTube Channel belongs to Deborah, a 23 years old vlogger from Los Angeles (originally from Puerto Rico). Deborah’s uwodoo channel has more than 60,000 subscribers. She posts her videos on this channel every Thursday and Saturday.

4. A Self-Care Action Plan

“How to Adult” YouTube channel, having more than 296,000 subscribers, gives you a guided approach towards a self-care action plan. It inspires you to find time for your own wellbeing and have a well-chalked out Self-care Action Plan, which works best for you.

Hank Green, the host of the video, quotes the self-help classic “Codependent No More” by Melody Beattie to define self-care “as an attitude that says I am responsible for myself”. This video reminds you that your life is precious and it is now time for you to make time for yourself and self-care to lead an awesome life rather than a mundane one.

The “A Self-Care Action Plan” video gives you a step-wise guided approach to self-care so that you can achieve an awesome life. “How to Adult” is an edutainment channel that helps you learn (that school didn’t teach you) and grow as an adult.

5. ULTIMATE Skin Care Routine for fighting Pimples, Dark Spots and Acne Scars

We all have gone through the days of pimples, acne spots and other teenage woes of skin-care. How could we forget the dark spot? If you want to pamper yourself with some skin-care regimen, go ahead. What’s holding you back? Here is some big brother advice from Indian vlogger Ranveer Allahbadia, who is the main guy behind the highly popular BeerBiceps YouTube channel (which has more than 2.53 million subscribers).

YouTube video will help you to self-care, especially when it comes to skincare. Ranveer shares some of the skincare tips that helped him get rid of pimples, dark spots, and acne scars.

BeerBiceps is a self-improvement and self-help channel that covers a wide array of topics including fashion, etiquette, personal finance, entrepreneurship, grooming, communication skills, mental health, and meditation.

6. My Healthy Night Time Routine

Dr Mikhail “Mike” Varshavski D.O., an actively practising Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor living in NYC, goes on interviewing random people on the streets of New York City. He asks them whether they have an evening or night routine of self-care. He provides expert advice on having a well-chalked out night routine that you should follow to have better dental health.

Dr. Mikhail “Mike” Varshavski is a health/medicine influencer who is followed by 8,000,000+ people across multiple social media channels. He makes medicine relatable, understandable, and fun. “Doctor Mike” YouTube video has more than 5.47M subscribers. If you want to have better dental hygiene then start self-caring yourself with the tips shared by Dr Mikhail in this video.


7. Self-Care Morning Routine / In College, Stress, Happiness

This video blog talks about a Self-Care Morning Routine that focuses more on detox. The self-care morning routine will guide you through herbal and handmade products that you can use regularly to have a more vibrant skin/hair and also have a happy mind.

The video has been watched more than 1,341,384 times since February 2019. It seems the video has struck a chord with the teenagers to lead a happy and stress-free life.

This video is created by Jenny, a vlogger who currently lives in NYC but grew up in Colorado. The “Wear I Live” channel has more than 245,000 subscribers. Start your morning with a self-care routine to feel pampered and ultimately lead a happy life.