Ways to Turn Your Bath into a Spa

Convert Bath into Spa
Spa-like Treatments at Home!

Convert Bath into Spa

What would you do after a long hectic week of work? A long session of binge-watching, sleeping like there’s no tomorrow, or indulge in some retail therapy? Whatever you do, nothing would relax or pamper you like a spa. But these treatments come with a hefty price tag. But why care when it can all be done easily at home! Turning your bath into a spa is a real thing. Read on to find out how you can make your normal bath time into an exciting, uber-relaxing spa session.

1. Invest in Bath Bombs

Now, that the essential part of relaxing is taken care of, it’s time to soothe your senses. How about your bathtub contains colourful water, just like it is in a giant pool during Holi? Bath bombs can recreate the magic in your bathrooms and take you into a colourful, fragrant world. They are scented, contain body butter, come in different attractive shapes, and sometimes even consist of embedded materials like flowers, glitter etc. The only thing left is to select the one which you would like the best. Trust me, your bathing sessions just can’t better than this! Totally paradisiacal treatment!

2. Essential Oils Are Essential

There is an endless list of benefits of essential oils. Anyway, muscle pains, anxiety-relieving, and stress-busting are top rewards of it. And did you know taking in the goodness of essential oils is best done through bathing? Whether you have a tub or a bucket, just drop a few drops of essential oils along with some carrier oils and see the spa gets unfold on its own. Some of the best essential oils you can use are peppermint essential oil, orange essential oil, mandarin essential oil, chamomile essential oil, grapefruit essential oil and others. Don’t sleep on these oils, they’re really essential. It’s all in the name!

3. Scrub, Scrub, and Scrub

In a real spa, cleaning would be a priority. And, you just can’t avoid it when you’re up to recreating spa-like feels at home! So, there comes scrubbing. It not only removes the dead skin cells, but also boosts the blood circulation. And, take it from us, it feels REALLY good coming out of a bath with your body been thoroughly scrubbed. So, stop snubbing, start scrubbing.

4. Make It Tuny

Why have all the radio silence when you’re neck deep into one of the most pampering treatments for your body? Rather play some relaxing tunes. Beethoven’s Für Elise comes to mind. Some Retro vibes or cheesy love songs can also help you unwind. Create the atmosphere you like and step into a different zone altogether.

5. Roll up into A Fur Ball

Can your spa-experience ever be completed without rolling into some super-comfy robe? Hell no. Buy a really cozy, fluffy bathrobe that you can wrap around after you’re done bathing. Nothing says homey better than a furry garb! Fact.

How does all that sound? Tell us in the comment section below.