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Rural education in India

Published on: March 15, 2013 | Updated on: February 2, 2019

Majority of India still lives in villages and so the topic of rural education in India is of utmost importance. A survey named called the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER), shows that even though the number of rural students attending schools is rising, but more than half of the students in fifth grade are unable to read a second grade text book and are not able to solve simple  mathematical problems. Not only this, the level of maths and reading is further declining. Though efforts are being made, they are not in the right direction. The reason cited for this problem in surveys is the increasing number of single classroom to educate students from more than one grade. In some states attendance of teachers and students is also declining. These are a few reasons why schools have failed to educate rural India.

Quality and access to education is the major concern in rural schools as there are fewer committed teachers, lack of proper text books and learning material in the schools. Though Government schools exist, but when compared to private schools then quality is a major issue. Majority of people living in villages have understood the importance of education and know that it is the only way to get rid of poverty. But due to lack of money they are not able to send their children to private schools and hence depend upon government schools for education. Above that, in some of the government schools there is only one teacher for the entire school and if they don’t show up at work, then it is a holiday. If the quality along with number of teachers and, that too committed teachers can be improved in these schools, then aspiring rural children and India can fulfill their dreams of doing something great.

Some government schools in rural India are overly packed with students, leading to a distorted teacher- student ratio. In one such remote village in Arunachal Pradesh there are more than 300 students in class X which makes nearly 100 students in each classroom. In such a situation it is impossible for teachers to pay full attention towards each and every student, even if they are willing to help.

Every village is not provided with school which means that students have to go to another village to get education. Owing to this parents usually do not send their daughters to school, leading to a failure in achieving rural education in India.

Poverty is another setback. Government schools are not as good and private schools are expensive. This results in a very low number of students actually clearing their secondary education and taking admission in a colleges for further studies. So the drop-out-rate at the secondary level is extremely high in villages. Only parents who can afford college education send their kids to secondary schools. If parents are not able to send their wards for higher education then all their previous efforts get wasted as completing just secondary education means a low paying job and the person is again struck in the same never ending cycle of money, life and poverty.

Most textbooks are in English and since people in rural areas either speak their native language or Hindi, but not English that defeats the purpose. This results in lack of their interest in studies. Though some of the students from villages are really brilliant, as they have a wealth of practical knowledge and know how to survive even in very harsh conditions of life, difficultly in understanding their textbooks, lack of facilities and their poverty are a hurdle in their education.

Quality related issues are far powerful than poverty. Students are not at all encouraged to think but they are asked to memorize pre-defined questions for exams. So for many students clearing examination at the end of  the session, passing their exam becomes more important than gaining knowledge. Also as per the new CBSE rule, every student is supposed to be promoted to the next class irrespective of marks in their examination. Hence majority of students do not bother to study, which means a decline in their education level . Neither students nor teachers take any interest in studies which is why the level of education is declining in India despite many efforts.

The foundation to turn India into a strong nation has to be laid down at primary and rural levels and so the quality of education right from the beginning should be excellent. Education and text books should be made interesting. For rural students textbooks related to their culture, their traditions and values should also be there so as to create their interest in studies.The reasons behind so many drop-outs in spite of free education should be found out as this is a hurdle on the road to progress. Improvement in the condition of government schools, education quality, committed teachers and more salaries to these teachers should be part of development.

There is a difference between city and village student not in terms of brain or development but their initial environment, skills, learning ability, availability of infrastructure, and access to different facilities. All of these must be considered while making the curricula which should not be different but how it is going to be taught would make the difference. Encourage the genuine rural students who are interested in education and make them competent. There are many examples of success in rural education in India like the Barefoot college, 8 Day Academy and Gurukul School in Bihar. These are innovative and successful examples of schools running in rural India. It is the time to replicate such efforts as our country and its rural population is very vast which means one of two stories of these kinds won’t make any difference. Instead of this large number of such schools are required in rural India. It is also absolutely mandatory to evaluate the success of the schools and students at each and every level. Timely assessment will throw light on present problems and achievements. Let us try to build a solution around these problems which will resolve the overall issues of rural education in India.

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I am a mother. A wife. And daughter of my loving parents by heart with passion for creativity, zeal to achieve something big in life but want to live life to its fullest.


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Mr.B.Rahil can i know what is your village name.
Please send your information to this mail id.


article given above really true.. in some cases of decling the quality of rural education is in my opinion ‘ neglencies of academic, lack of awareness among rural parents, lack of rural administrative interfarences…


In our village there is no proper school with proper building. Nearly 200 students are studying there is no proper facility’s for the students drinking water,tables,chairs.school contains upto 5th standard, headcount of teachers is 3. Each villages contains temples more than 3 or 4 but no one is taking steps for education till now. So please give importance to school and education.

    Soringla Mashangva October 12, 2016 at 9:21 pm

    Problems with the government schools facilities everywhere is the same. We are pointing out the problems but who is working on it? None. It’s high time to go ahead however we are still here with all these problems.


I want to know what can i do for a better life in education, because i weak in education to learn. please tell me what can i do?


Help required


Great Insights in article, i totally agree with that. The Indian education system apart from a significant increase in its educational budget needs a common curriculum for both government and private schools mainly English and vocational education to bring the poor masses to the mainstream. Else it will continue to create the economic divide creating the serving class as it has been doing so far.Thank you!


Very nic thinking… educating a child is a step towords devlopment of our country and i feel educating child with vocational skills along with their syllabus it may help them to develop their creativity and can easily use those skills in future as a income sourse…… vocational skills like; tailoring… painting…. craft ….etc and we can also add computer related activities which is also more important… so plz dont just think or feel about this… apply ur ideas…. u can start this by taking responsibility of minimum 5 child… who are not able to study only because of poor family condition… i had started for this and praying god to give me stength to follow this till my end … and i request all u guys to give move ur hands towords poor brothers and sisters…

Jai Hind

Oriental School July 24, 2015 at 11:59 am

There are many prominent crisis that’s holding back rural education to match up with the education system in urban educational centers. The right reformation can definitely bring about a positive change towards the development of rural education in India.

Pawan Tamraker July 15, 2015 at 9:03 pm

Yes its right nd nice thought


I will be starting a charity on this topic of rural education in India. Any ideas of how I can help by raising money?

Soringla Mashangva April 20, 2015 at 10:28 am

Yes there are more children attending schools because the parents now know the importance of attending schools. However they don’t have proper guidance after completing their high schools also, due to ignorance of parents or because of monetary issue, less vocational institutions they suddenly do not know what to do. knowing English is very important today without it those children will stay aloof from outside world. They should be provided with good learning environment, a facilitator. Many villages in India doesn’t have proper electricity supply. What can we do about that?

Ashutosh Shukla April 15, 2015 at 12:55 pm

The only thing which we have to do is encouraging rural, slum students…. as an examle – President of America, visit primary schools (instead of popular universities) of their country for encouraging small childrens. So we do not have to only expect PM to visit rural areas, but also we have to try to reach there as possible and spend our time with them. The one thing I wish to say ENGLISH is NOT NECESSARY.


Respected sir,
I’m M.srinivash from tanjore, currently studying 3’rd engineering in Parisutham Institute of Technoloy and Science. I’m living without my father. Because of my bad family sitution i can’t able to pay my 2’nd and 3’rd year fees.. I need RS.1,50,000 to complete my emgineering degree. so kindly help this poor child.

Neelamega perumal kovil back side,
vennar bank,
cell:9150631660, 9751215223

Soringla Mashangva March 26, 2015 at 10:39 am

I would also like to add this not only the place in the villages are remote the teachers are not equipped as well. Since education has become one of the force for improvement it is very essential to get everyone educated. Of course the rural people doesn’t want to stay aloof from other world! The system is too corrupt because whatever funds are given half of it went to the handler’s. Some villages are less in numbers so doesn’t really need the presence of private schools if the govt school give value education. if the private schools can survive in rural areas what happened to the govt who have the upper hand. In my place there are many children who are loitering despite govt giving free education, free books and uniforms.


Make a group in whatsapp and give their views yes we can change the rural india.


i want to change the education system of rural India. The students of rural india deserve the same education as urban do.But the problem is our ego. though if a rich man in rural constituency has taken a step to donate money for a rural school then rural becomes like urban and gives India the best youth. If anyone is there for social help then please do it dont think about yourself think about poor people.


    Soringla Mashangva March 26, 2015 at 10:58 am

    In cities we have this Teach for India going on. why not we create the same network for rural areas. There are many talented youths without employment we can exploit their potentials they will not only use their talents but also give them sense of justice for their studies. With some trainings and little help we can work it out. There is a problem after secondary education because some are poor and can’t go further in that case we can give them vocational training and earn.

    Ashok jaybhaye July 22, 2015 at 12:33 am

    Yes I want to change education system in rural area. The facilities available in cities are same provide to rural area to being change.


Lots of students from the villages come to Delhi for further education, but here they are facing problem in English communication. I have seen they have good I q level, but they defeat in many exams only because of English communication problems. Here some short term courses by which they are able to earn much and in these courses not required much English communication skill. Like mobile repairing or laptop repairing and computer repairing.


    Jagdish as you suggest laptop or mobile repairing course are really beneficial for student who are coming from villages. if any one want to do laptop or mobile repair course. Call To. 9212677677 OR Visit our WEBSITE hitechinstitute DOT in

SHEIKH TAHA MAROOF January 27, 2015 at 7:37 pm





Education shouldn’t be just theory and only for the purpose of scoring high in exams. Should have practicals due to which children show interest to learn.. The way of teaching should be interesting.Not like a news reader in any channel. As i feel educated people like us can spare our weekends to educate rural kids.. Not only about syllabus also about general knowledge, debate, speech, essay writing topics… Craft, drawing etc…. Lets create kids with creative and innovative mindset not just book worms.

mannmohan singh raghuwanshi October 18, 2014 at 11:35 am

Education and text books should be made interesting. For rural students textbooks related to their culture, their traditions and values should also be there so as to create their interest in studies.The reasons behind so many drop-outs in spite of free education should be found out as this is a hurdle on the road to progress. Improvement in the condition of government schools, education quality, committed teachers and more salaries to these teachers should be part of development


I want to improve the existing system with the education that i have achieved. ..lets make it z chain n a challenge in india through social network so that educated youth can be mobilised to take up a challenge of educating rural india


The declination in quality of education is nt seen only in rural areas bt olso in da reputed gvt skuls of cities
As tday the education dat is srvd z nt hvng da capabilities to make majority of childrn to b a real eductd persn
The systm made by our gvt i.e to pass each child so dat literacy rate increase bt wat the hel v’l do wid dat increased rate untl v r nt hvng quality education in the place of no. Of so called educatd youth

R.S.Varahala Dora January 25, 2014 at 5:11 pm

I Like This article I think you refereed so-money Books & Journals and I think you have good filed experience. Any how you gave good article for our society.

lida mary marngar November 25, 2013 at 6:37 pm

it was amazing articles it had help people like us, who deal with rural people. thanks continue to do good work


Dear Ramandeep Kaur, Indeed it was a good article that covers the urgent need for uplifting the educational system in the villages. I also noted in the article that poverty that which plays a major role in taking away village children from going to school is true and correct. The family and children feel the importance of living each day, rather than getting a white color job which is a distant reality for them. But let us also know one educated youth can change the entire family fortune and thereby the society. There fore all efforts should be taken by the governments, NGOs and Communities at large, for the difference to be created among the rural India.


I am working with an education company. Our aim is to provide access to high grade educational resources for free of cost to children who have little or no access to quality education, that is the kids who are in rural India. Can anyone help me..how can i reach to them and let them know that we have educational material which teachers can use to teach kids and learn them to learn better.


    Hi Madhuri,

    What are the study materials that you have?
    I am planning to physically reach schools in rural area of Maharashtra.
    Please let me know.


Hi Atul. Thanks for commenting. Would you please share some insights on the education level of children in rural India?


I have worked for ASER. It is Annual Status of Education Report which shows the educational level of children of rural villages of all India.

vivek shiwach April 4, 2013 at 7:20 pm

Really good article. Friends i also got my education living in my village in UP, though now i am working as a gazetted officer in govt of india but to get education and to be able to compete with students from big cities is still nearly impossible for the students of my village and of all other nearby villages. Friends, its my burning desire to help the students of my village and so i planned that i will teach them online using skype, but now problem is that there is no internet service in my village ( only 2g available, not sufficeint for video chat) . please friends guide me what alternate medium or alternate internet option i can opt for live teaching. i ll be very thankfull to you.
with regards


    Dear vivek, try to get some educated people from village at the same time, you prepare the video tutorial for them. Then you can sent that video through some DVD and make them to watch.

Ramandeep Kaur March 19, 2013 at 4:31 pm

Thanks for liking the article. Rural education is a very important aspect of our development which can be achieved by combined efforts of govt and community. Educated people who are interested in imparting education in rural sector must lend helping hands to NGOs or schemes which are especially running for this purpose. Also govt should definitely work towards the improvement of quality related to education as well as infrastructure in rural schools of India.


very good article. products like sundaram eclass should be used to educate rural india. so that, education is provided at economical cost with less infrastructure.


Excellent views. Villages is where the real India lives. Unless and until the villages improve India will never grow. I think it is high time, the Govt. does something for our villages.


    i am working on a project.my project name issues and challenges of ruler area students .if some one have any data about this topic then plez reply me or mail me.


      Hi attia….
      today rural students are facing problems like…. very low quality of teaching…. and also teaching staf itself is a problem over their… nower days rural schools are even not having a complete teaching staf… and if the staf is available then they some are not taking teaching proffesion as serious…. it means teachers are not takun a child life serious…. i m srry bt i self experienced it … i was a kendriya Vidyalaya student where i got a proper and satisfied teaching but when ever in my child hood i went to my village i use to go to my cousins school and their i find a big difference in the quality of teaching…. the schools are less equiped with the source of teaching material and staff as well… there we find no deciplin in any manner …
      i suggest if we are getting sucess in bringing deciplin amongst students and teachers we can surly sucess in educating every child for that we all to work really hard….
      if u had any thing to ask u r free to text me…..

      thanks and regards
      Iqbal Patel

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